CSI assists Energy North in purchases of eight props. from Tradewinds

September 25, 2020 - Retail

Portland, ME C-Store Investments, LLC (CSI) is a Northeast based consulting firm that provides advisory services to the convenience store and retail petroleum industry. CSI has provided advisory and transactional services to Energy North on the purchase of eight properties from Tradewinds.

More precisely, CSI handled the purchase process of seven convenience retail stores and one car wash operating under the Tradewinds name throughout Maine. The deal began prior to COVID but still made its way to the finish line with a desirable outcome for both the buyer and the seller. This is in part thanks to principal lead consultant Ken Currier who assisted in guiding the deal to a successful conclusion.

Tradewinds was founded by Chuck Lawrence in Maine, where he is a longtime resident. He went onto build his company to 15 properties which included: Convenience stores, car washes, and supermarkets. Tradewinds prides themselves on being a pillar of the communities they serve so it was important for them to sell to a company that would carry on the Tradewinds name in a favorable manner. Lawrence said, “Energy North has a lot of the same visions of being a good community citizen and we feel they will continue strong community support to ensure we have healthy communities.”



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