Dellbrook|JKS to reconstruct the Veranda
House on Nantucket

November 17, 2023 - Construction Design & Engineering

Nantucket, MA On its original site in the island’s downtown district, Dellbrook|JKS is reconstructing the Veranda House, a boutique hotel on 3 Step Lane, with accommodations and views of the harbor.

In late October, Dellbrook|JKS and its trade partner, Turner Brothers, placed 110 cubic yards of concrete for the building’s second floor podium slab, completing a key milestone and structural element of the Veranda House’s base. On top of the podium, three levels of wood-framed construction are now underway.

“We’re excited to be going vertical at the Veranda House,” said Gerry McCormack, Dellbrook|JKS superintendent. “Island construction has its challenges, but the adaptability of our team and partners keeps us moving toward success and will ensure that this beloved location is beautifully restored”.

After tragically losing the original 1880s inn to a fire in July 2022, its owner, the Procaccianti Companies, made plans with the architect, Union Studios, to construct a nearly identical building in its place with minor changes to increase accessibility, and adhere to modern building codes. In the rebuild, two sets of fire stairs have been moved from the exterior to interior, and a shed dormer along with faux balcony has been added to allow space for an elevator, servicing all four stories in the Veranda House.

Like its historic predecessor, the new Veranda House, will feature the same classic wrap-around porches, 19 guest rooms, and traditional, New England-style, shingled exterior. The blend of antique design with modern amenities will offer guests an authentic taste of life on the island. This unique experience is made possible by the thoughtful inclusion of an inviting lobby, three residential units for staff, laundry facilities, and a full kitchen attached to a lounge and dining room.

Construction will continue through the winter into 2024, when doors are expected to open in the summer.



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