Delphi Construction remembers one of their own Women in Construction

March 29, 2019 - Spotlights
Shown is Tracy Lubin (second from right) with some friends of Delphi Construction.

Delphi Construction wishes to take a moment during Women in Construction Month to recognize, honor and remember a dear co-worker and friend, Tracy Lubin, who passed away suddenly this past January after a brief illness.

Tracy’s story is emblematic of the kind of dedication, perseverance and strength of character often called upon by women working in this industry. 

After having built a foundation for a successful career in the hospitality sector, Tracy developed an increasingly strong interest in and passion for design and construction. In pursuit of her dreams, Tracy changed course and enrolled in Wentworth Institute of Technology’s Construction Management program. While in this program Tracy set out to secure a job in the industry which led her to the website of Delphi Construction and in touch with Delphi’s CFO Mark Paronich.

“From the first time I met her, Tracy’s passion for construction was obvious, as was her determination to secure a position in the field. When she reached out to me, I was sorry to tell Tracy that Delphi was currently only hiring for an admin/reception position which I assumed she would not be interested in. To my surprise, Tracy said she would gladly take any position, including the admin position on the condition that she would be considered first for a promotion as soon as a position became available and once she had proven herself. She came in for an interview, which I co-conducted with one of our APM’s, Susan Hackett. We were both so impressed with Tracy that she was hired on the spot,” Paronich said. 

Tracy very quickly proved herself, becoming an integral part of operations in Delphi’s Cape Cod office. She was unfailingly knowledgeable on the details of every project and proactive in creative problem solving. She willingly took on more and more complicated initiatives and dispatched them with ease and great professionalism. When an opening for an APM position became available a year later, Tracy was immediately promoted. 

She continued to excel in every aspect of her work as an APM, always going above and beyond to support Delphi’s project delivery teams and to deliver value to clients. Those who were fortunate enough to work with her were typically struck by her unfailing commitment to excellence while those who were lucky enough to know her personally were always struck by her generosity and integrity.

Tracy will be deeply missed. 



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