DW French restaurant debuts in Fenway - designed by Sousa Architects

October 27, 2023 - Retail
Chef Douglass Williams

Boston, MA DW French, the new French brasserie from award-winning chef Douglass Williams, has opened in the Fenway neighborhood on October 19th. DW French is inspired by Williams’ personal culinary journey, woven with the legacy of Paris. 

DW French is not just a culinary venture for chef Williams; it’s a mission to bring French cooking closer to the heart. While French cuisine often carries a reputation of being intricate and intimidating, Williams aims to peel back the layers and showcase the true soul of French fare. At its core, French cooking is about warmth, love, and the sheer joy of sharing. Through DW French, Williams offers diners a genuine experience of French culture in its most inviting form. His vision transcends beyond mere dishes; it’s about creating moments, memories, and is a testament to the genuine camaraderie that French dining embodies.

DW French’s interior combines contemporary aesthetics with classic French brasserie design elements. Red leather banquettes, white subway tile and a bar enveloped in soft blue indoors. Designed by Sousa Architects, DW French has seating for 100 guests indoors. A patio further extends the dining experience, seating 30.

Paris, historically, provided a canvas for myriad talents, and it was there that Williams began his journey, immersing himself in French culture and cuisine. Paris not only deepened his culinary passions but introduced him to stories of Black American creatives who, in the face of adversity, thrived in the City of Light, then brought that inspiration back stateside, kicking off the Harlem Renaissance that continues to inspire to this day. The spirit of these artists, their resilience, and their unwavering commitment to their craft deeply resonated with Williams. DW French is the culmination of this immersion, offering a curated menu that celebrates both his personal experiences and the broader cultural symphony of Paris.

“French cuisine often stands on a pedestal, wrapped in layers of intricacy and grandeur. With DW French, my vision is to demystify it, to show that at its core, it’s about warmth, love, and the joy of shared meals. Here, we embrace the heart of French dining, making it accessible, lively, fun and inviting for all,” said Williams.

“The Fenway has always pulsated with energy and history, and with DW French, I’m thrilled to bring a slice of French culture to its vibrant streets. Our aim is to create a haven where both locals and visitors can experience the authenticity and warmth of French dining, right in the heart of Boston,” says Williams.

 Beyond the cuisine, DW French features a beverage program crafted by MIDA Partner and Sommelier, Seth Gerber. His wine list champions small-production French wines, each bottle narrating tales of terroir and tradition. Decanting tableside becomes an experience in itself, irrespective of the wine’s price tag. And for those drawn to spirited concoctions, there’s an imaginative menu that strikes a balance between whimsy and tradition. This lighthearted approach to mixology spotlights craft cocktails, infusing artisan French Spirits into iconic classics, and extends to include inspired low and no ABV options.



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