Five great reasons to visit Marvin Commercial Solutions Team at ABX2019

October 18, 2019 - Construction Design & Engineering

Boston, MA When you enter ABX2019 and walk straight up the center aisle, among the 300-plus exhibitors, you’ll come to corner Booth 737, right across from the BSA Space. The yellow rose, vast windows and palpable feeling of bringing the outdoors inside the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center will all signal that you’ve reached Marvin, the family-owned company that has shaped the window industry since 1912. Though their past legacy is storied, they are talking all about the future at ABX this year, with a new brand architecture, new products and whole new way to think about windows and glass doors in your designs. 

“We like to get involved in projects during the conceptual or schematic phase,” said Steve Hoyt, who runs the Marvin Commercial Solutions Team at Hastings, the company who represents Marvin throughout New England and Eastern New York. “ABX gives us a great opportunity to talk to both residential and commercial architects about ways we provide solutions before, during and after the project is complete. In 2019, we actually facilitated Marvin incorporating smart glass for the first time on a New England educational project. This Marvin first was a client request for electrochromic glass that is programmed to maintain both the perfect light level and ideal temperature in the building through reduction of solar heat gain. This project was one more proof point that no idea is too challenging for Marvin.”

Here are five reasons you’ll want to stop at Booth 737:

1. Unlock the secret of how to use a single source for legacy buildings with new modern additions, where mixing two different aesthetics make window and door sourcing a challenge. 

2. Discover the newest alternative to aluminum storefront glass.

3. Discuss how Hastings can offer a customized Marvin experience onsite at your office or jobsite. 

4. Explore the best way to offer your clients superior energy efficiency even when a project dictates old world aesthetics. 

5. Learn more about how Marvin can become your basis of design in a wide array of projects and how Hastings can offer a myriad of options to consider. 

“We’d welcome the chance to discuss Marvin’s new one brand strategy at ABX as well,” said Hoyt. “You’ll find the new collection approach to Marvin’s products to be more focused on the company’s unity in purpose in delivering an evolving product offering that more completely addresses what customers are looking for today in both residential and commercial applications.”  

While visiting the Northeast’s largest architecture, building and design event can feel overwhelming, the thoughtful project-focused approach found at Booth 737 will offer not only a bounty of inspiration, but also valuable take-aways that will make the trip worthwhile.



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