How the construction industry is responding to COVID-19 - Barry Crimmins

April 17, 2020 - Construction Design & Engineering
Barry Crimmins
Law Offices of Barry R. Crimmins, P.C.

What are some recommendations that you can provide clients as part of a larger overall strategy that enables them to maximize their efforts during this time? We work with developers, municipal personnel (including members of community Planning and Zoning Boards) for projects going before the town, and we help advise our clients on how to navigate through this process smoothly. With the COVID-19 restrictions in place, and with construction slowdown, there is still much to be done in preparation for when these restrictions are lifted. We are working with all parties to educate them on virtual meetings, including Zoom and Go To Meeting. We find that with these virtual conferences, we can still move forward on work and avoid extra time once the restrictions are gone. We recommend that whatever preparation work can be done virtually in advance continue during this time. It is a “new normal” for all of us. 



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