How the construction industry is responding to COVID-19 - Eddie Skillington

April 17, 2020 - Construction Design & Engineering
Eddie Skillington
V.P., Business Development
DPS Group

What is the most important thing that your industry or your company is doing to help clients right now?  Maintaining business continuity, being there and available for our clients. Keeping existing projects on schedule while lending our vast experience and expertise to new projects aimed at combating the pandemic. Our clients are asking us to maintain project design schedules with the number one priority of keeping our employees safe. Once we as a society overcome the crisis, life science projects will most likely be the number one priority and having kept the design process progressing will support the effort for bringing lifesaving therapies to consumers. Thankfully, we had fully prepared for remote working for our employees through investments in network connectivity and design platforms.

What are some recommendations that you can provide clients as part of a larger overall strategy that enables them to maximize their efforts during this time? Embracing technology and trusting in the effectiveness of your employees and partners to keep your visions alive through this challenging time. These are unchartered waters but we’ve seen how people have stepped up, adapted and delivered daily regardless of the new normal. You can move forward with conviction and pace when you have the right talent and support. 

What specific product or service are you offering clients that can be used to help combat the virus? All our services are still available and lend themselves to the virtual world. We have the largest design office of its type in the Boston area. We’ve leveraged cloud-based technologies and VDC capability to enhance our delivery and client support. Most importantly, technology aside, our experience of over 45 years in this industry is being applied to help our clients in the fight against Covid-19. 



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