IFMA Boston to hold FMForward virtually the week of March 29th

January 08, 2021 - Owners Developers & Managers

Boston, MA IFMA Boston will hold FMForward 2021 virtually the week of March 29th. FMFoward is IFMA Boston’s annual conference which provides members with key strategies, technologies and best practices to help them navigate the ever-changing FM landscape.

The conference will include:

• The 18th Annual Awards of Excellence with keynote speaker.

• Two Facility Management Intensive Tracks – 1 hour sessions featuring local facility management practitioners and a preferred vendor partner discussing real-life solutions. Tracks include: Technology and COVID-19

• Two Professional Development Intensive Tracks - 1 hour sessions with a speaker or panel bringing their expertise to our membership for personal and professional development. Tracks include: Leadership and Human Factors

• Facility Tours (virtual and potentially live)

• Hybrid Gathering(s) dependent on state guidelines

• FMForward Overtime - 1 hour roundtables each day for facility managers only to continue the discussion on topics of the day

• Balance Breaks - 15-30 minute activity breaks throughout the week

One Call for Submissions. Three Opportunities to Share.

Have you or your clients:

• Recently digitized your FM?

• Successfully returned to the workplace amidst the pandemic?

• Implemented a new technology within the workplace?

• Implemented a new way of working?

• Embarked on a comprehensive change management initiative?

• Implemented energy saving or sustainable practices?

• Completed new construction that had a positive impact on the facility management of the workplace?

• Do you have an experience to share with your peers? 

We’re looking for familiar faces with innovative experience and best practices to share who can help expose our Boston area Facility management community to real life technology, processes, ideas and accomplishments that will help them excel within their roles. These can be shared three different ways this year.  Submit it for one, two or all:

• For an Award of Excellence

• For a Track Specific Intensive 1 Hour Session: Tracks include Technology, COVID-19, Leadership and Human Factors

• For a Facility Tour to be done virtually or live in small groups

All with one form!  The process is simple!

All FM specific submittals must include a facility manager that was integral to the delivery of the project or initiative.  They can then be paired with a preferred vendor or partner that worked in conjunction with them.

Your submittal should align with at least one of IFMA’s 11 core competencies:  Communication, emergency preparedness and business continuity, environmental stewardship and sustainability, finance and business, human factors, leadership and strategy, operations and management, quality, real estate and property management, and/or technology.

Download the call for submissions here: 



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