LAN-TEL named exclusive New England provider of Pinpoint Duress Security Systems

March 20, 2020 - Construction Design & Engineering

Norwood, MA LAN-TEL Communications, Inc. named exclusive New England provider of Pinpoint Duress Security Systems. Through agreement with Pinpoint, Inc., LAN-TEL is now the exclusive New England provider of Pinpoint’s line of fully integrated, proactive security technology products.  

The Pinpoint security system product line, comprised of Personal Infrared Transmitters, which interface with Infrared Receiver Units and Alphanumeric Display Units, and complemented by Pinpoint Mobile & PC Alert Apps, is designed to discreetly and reliably pinpoint the precise location where workplace aggression toward staff personnel or other building occupants is occurring, in real time, enabling near-instantaneous response to address aggressive behavior at mental health facilities, hospitals, correctional institutions, schools, educational campuses, hotels and corporate facilities.  An array of over-door lights, call buttons, paging devices also be integrated into the system.  

The Pinpoint security system is easily programmable, allowing for customized communication, and can be integrated with a facility’s existing camera security systems.

LAN-TEL launched its Pinpoint security line on January 27, with a product line informational session, presentation and demonstration.

headed by Pinpoint’s  U.S. business development manager Corey Greenberg and LAN-TEL’s director of security and new business development John Grennon.  The session was attended by prominent Greater Boston leaders in law enforcement, and key security and IT personnel at leading healthcare and educational organizations, including Massachusetts General Hospital, Steward Health Care, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

“Pinpoint, Inc. is proud to partner with LAN-TEL Communications, an industry leader in security, in our joint efforts to provide proactive, real-time, advanced security technology solutions to facilities throughout Greater Boston and all of New England,” said Greenberg.

“LAN-TEL is proud to offer Pinpoint’s advanced, proactive security technology to New England’s healthcare facilities, mental health clinics, schools, universities, correctional institutions and corporate facilities in our focus to protect workers and the public from workplace aggression and violence that unfortunately occurs too regularly in these facilities,” said LAN-TEL president and CEO Joe Bodio.

The Pinpoint Staff Security System is currently installed at Newton Wellesley Hospital in Newton, Mass. as well as at Mayo Health in Minnesota, and Northwell Health in New York.



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