Marine returns home and begins work at Langley Construction Company

December 04, 2014 - Northern New England

Trevor Langley, Langley Construction Company

Trevor Langley of Hopkinton, N.H. grew up working for his mom and dad at Langley Construction Company. He graduated from the University of Maine in 2010 with a degree in Construction Management Technology from the University of Maine Engineering College and was accepted into the Francis Crow Society of Civil Engineers. Just as he was about to take a major role and return to full-time work at Langley Construction, he made a decision that would be a life changer. He made the decision to serve his country and in 2010 began his 4-year commitment in the Marine Corp. His plan was to serve and then return to the job he grew up with and to make full use of his degree and take the reins of Langley Construction.
During his 4 years of service, he was deployed to Afghanistan. "We had quite a few sleepless nights," said Denise Langley, executive vice president of Langley Construction and proud mom.
As many families know, when a loved-one is overseas, everything changes and the days are counted off in hopes of a safe return. This was a family commitment, as mom and dad back home structured their construction projects to be ready for Langley as he returned home in late spring. Founded in 1990 by Stephen Langley, Langley Construction is a full-service commercial and industrial general contractor that provides in-depth construction management services.
Langley's first project back in N.H. is heading up a new 61,250 s/f, two level climate controlled self-storage facility on Mast Rd. The project involves extensive site work on the 4.6 acres and will open in the spring of 2015.


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