McGinley Kalsow & Assoc. uses Fypon Millwork product in historic Provincetown town hall renovation; New England Millwork installs 3,928 linear feet of urethane mouldings in grand theatre ceiling

October 28, 2010 - Spotlights

Ceiling of the theatre in the town hall, Provincetown, Mass.

Originally constructed in 1886, the town hall in historic Provincetown, was more than ready for the renovation that started in 2008. One of the most challenging requirements was the refurbishing of the grand theatre, home to thousands of productions and parties since the late 1880s.
Architect Jeff Kennedy and project manager Mark Almeda, A.I.A., both with McGinley Kalsow & Associates, Inc., were especially concerned with accurately reproducing the intricate ceiling of the massive theatre. A feature element of the town hall, the theatre originally boasted a complex design of beams and mouldings. For this unique renovation project, the architects contacted New England Millwork for assistance.
"I could immediately tell that Fypon's lightweight urethane millwork pieces would be ideal for this elaborate project," said Mark DeSimone with New England Millwork Inc. "The exacting details of Fypon mouldings, combined with their durability, make them a valuable asset for historic restoration projects like this."
The Fypon team worked diligently to create custom molds and pieces that accurately replicate the town hall's original ceiling. More than 250 pieces of mouldings and brackets were custom created and installed in the project, plus 33 pieces of inventoried Fypon moulding. All totaled, 3,928 of lineal feet of urethane mouldings now criss-cross the ceiling in a stand-out design that captures the attention of visitors.
"Who would have guessed that when Provincetown was incorporated back in 1727 that 283 years later their town hall would feature man-made synthetic products," said DeSimone. "These pieces are so durable and resistant to humidity, insects and warping that they should last dozens of years in this theatre setting.
"Getting the town hall's ceiling specified, created and installed was truly a team effort between the city, the architects, our company, Fypon and the installers. The results are impressive. It's no surprise to me at all that the historical society approved the use of Fypon products and trust in these mouldings to last for another generation of use."
Fypon offers thousands of decorative millwork elements in a variety of architectural styles to enhance the interior and exterior of America's homes.


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