PATCO Construction with Entre-prises U.S.A. complete Salt Pump Climbing Company gym

June 03, 2016 - Northern New England
Salt Pump Climbing Company gym - Scarborough, ME Salt Pump Climbing Company gym - Scarborough, ME

Scarborough, ME When PATCO Construction, Inc. first met Taki Miyamoto, general manager and partner of the Salt Pump Climbing Company, he was a lawyer with the dream of opening a rock climbing gym in Maine. Inspired by the boulders and mountains of his home state, Salt Pump searched long and hard for a site in the Portland area that embodied the beauty of Maine and New England while also being easily accessible. They went through iteration after iteration of their facility’s design and climbing terrain to bring the essence of outdoor rock climbing indoors. Two years ago, PATCO was invited to help Taki figure out the budget and process for his dream to become a reality. The project was begun in November, 2014, and over the next ten months their mountain took shape!

The Salt Pump facility is truly a unique project, not only because of the structure itself, but because of all the challenges that were associated with the site and the building combined. Due to the narrow lot the owners chose to build on, the facility itself is only 50 feet wide - but 200 feet long! Why such a skinny lot? The building is nestled against a man-made pond that neighbors say was stocked with fish for many years. When Andy Hyland, from Port City Architecture, was designing the building, he made it a point to add large windows overlooking the pond. Such close proximity to this beautiful feature creates an outdoor feel that climbers love. It’s the next best thing to being outside in the elements! To further add to its natural ambiance, the building is flooded with light through the large windows on the buildings eaves and a complete commercial glass overhead door.

PATCO Construction worked with the owner’s subcontractor, Entre-prises U.S.A, from Bend, Oregon, to make sure the pre-manufactured climbing walls were properly attached to the building’s frame. This was achieved via many conference calls and sharing of plans to make sure that the building and walls would work together - and not against each other - for many years to come. Soaring 47 feet, the walls, with their hundreds of colorful foot and handholds, are a true work of art, and breathtaking in scope.

The building itself is a pre-engineered structure with two different eave heights. This not only provides the perfect separation between rope climbing and bouldering, but also provides a very unique building design. The design of the mezzanine is largely focused on viewing, but also has a fitness area, beginners climbing wall and a 360 degree bouldering wall.

Keeping with the intent of making the indoor climbing facility feel like you are climbing outside, the owners focused on minimizing its environmental impact as much as possible.  This was achieved by not only having energy-efficient roof top units, but also, low flow bathroom fixtures, motion sensor switches and LED lighting on the interior and exterior of the building.

“PATCO has been building businesses in Southern Maine and Southeastern New Hampshire since 1985,” said Greg Patterson, co-owner of PATCO Construction, Inc. and head of the company’s commercial division, “This project is certainly one of our most unique and challenging builds.” Patterson went on to wish Salt Pump all the best in their new facility – a place where climbers can get in shape, rejuvenate, meet up with old friends and make new ones.



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