Sacks and Pieleanu to lead Acentech’s new architectural acoustics group

March 24, 2023 - Construction Design & Engineering
Jonah Sacks


Ioana Pieleanu


Cambridge, MA Acentech has promoted Jonah Sacks and Ioana Pieleanu to lead the firm’s architectural acoustics group, one of the largest acoustics practices in the United States. Sacks and Pieleanu are both expert acousticians and highly trained musicians. Each brings proven project management and a rich portfolio of experience that has contributed to the significant growth of the practice across the AEC industry. 

Sacks and Pieleanu will take on dual leadership roles in the architectural acoustics group: Sacks to serve as group director–practice, and Pieleanu to serve as group director–client relations.

As group director–practice, Sacks is responsible for overall practice operations, hiring and staff development, optimization of client deliverables, and practice innovation. As group director–client relations, Pieleanu is responsible for client development, pursuit implementation, and strategic efforts to expand Acentech’s national reach. These distinct roles will ensure continued project leadership, technical excellence, and focus on the firm’s national client development efforts. Each will continue to consult as principal on select architectural acoustics projects.

Their diverse backgrounds and creativity make them ideal to take on future challenges and opportunities.

Sacks is an accomplished cellist, guitarist and bassist. His life-long passion for music and playing informs his acoustical practice, especially in performing arts facilities. He has authored and co-authored several technical articles for trade publications, and lectured at national and international symposia including the European Acoustics Association (EAA), The International Symposium on Room Acoustics, Inter-Noise, and the Acoustical Society of America. He joined Acentech in 2004.

Pieleanu is a classically-trained musician, having built a substantial piano repertoire over the past four decades. She brings her musical ear to Acentech’s architectural acoustics practice, and is the Market Leader for Studio A, a team of acoustical, audiovisual and vibration specialists who focus on delivering excellent sound to performing arts spaces. She engages actively in numerous cultural and performing arts organizations to promote and market the value of performance-enhanced acoustics.



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