Sanders named president at Hoffmann Architects

July 19, 2019 - Connecticut

Hamden, CT Hoffmann Architects, an architecture and engineering firm specializing in the rehabilitation of building exteriors, has nominated Russell Sanders, AIA as company president. After 42 years as the president of Hoffmann Architects, company founder John Hoffmann, FAIA handed over the role to Sanders, effective July 1. Sanders previously serves as executive vice president and senior director, technical services. 

As Sanders assumes the position of president, Hoffmann will continue to serve on the board of directors as executive chairman, maintaining his involvement in business development, administration, and financial decisions, and providing guidance as needed for project-related matters, as well as the general direction of the business. The move is part of the firm’s leadership transition plan, begun in 2011, which continues the transfer of ownership interest in the company to 15 members of the firm’s senior staff. 

“Transitioning to new leadership, particularly after many decades of constancy, can feel uncertain,” Hoffmann said. “But I could not be more confident in the knowledge, judgement, capability, and guidance that Russ will bring to this position.” 

“I am honored to have the opportunity to guide the future of the firm,” Sanders said. “Hoffmann Architects is where I built my career, and I am committed to its success. As the design industry grows and changes, I look forward to keeping Hoffmann Architects at the forefront of innovation in building envelope technology, sustainability, resiliency, and restoration of the landmark buildings that define our built environment. It is a privilege to accept the position as president of Hoffmann Architects.” 

Sanders was instrumental in transforming Hoffmann Architects from a young company into a respected industry leader in the niche field of building enclosure rehabilitation. Through Sanders’ perseverance, loyalty, and leadership, Hoffmann Architects built a reputation for rigorous technical standards and attention to detail, traits that have led the firm to excel. 

In 1978, a year and a half after Hoffmann Architects was founded, Sanders completed his architecture degree at Ohio State University and joined the firm. In the 40 years that followed, he developed a resume of building enclosure projects, and he has become a sought-after expert for litigation, insurance claims, peer review, mentorship, and publication. 

“From the very beginning, Russ has been at the center of what makes Hoffmann Architects who we are, and I am absolutely confident in his ability to provide steadfast leadership as the company continues to grow and evolve,” said Hoffmann. “I look forward to seeing where he will take the firm next.” 



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