Suffolk has children at Bright Horizons daycare center create artwork at 401 Park site

April 22, 2022 - Front Section

Boston, MA Suffolk is committed to the communities in which they build. At Suffolk’s jobsite at 401 Park, the project team decided the fence surrounding the project should generate warmth and inspiration for children at a nearby daycare center rather than serve as a barrier separating the project site from the community.

One of the most visible ways to create those bonds is the wrap on the fence, also known as the scrim. The company wanted students at the Bright Horizons daycare center to help spur those smiles and feel engaged in the building process. The project team hosted virtual classes for the children to spark their interest in construction and encouraged them to draw what they saw on site, right outside their windows.

Using their artwork, the team designed custom scrim with lookout holes so students could have a sneak peek at the action happening inside. But the kids’ creativity didn’t end there. From these classes and conversations, they also constructed their own buildings at Bright Horizons using wood and recycled materials.

Suffolk is an end-to-end business that provides value throughout the entire project lifecycle by leveraging its core construction management services with vertical service lines that include real estate capital investment, design, self-perform construction services, technology start-up investment and innovation research/development.



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