Top 3 digital marketing strategies for 2021 - by Kimberly Zar Bloorian

March 26, 2021 - Front Section
Kimberly Zar Bloorian

In the past year, the pandemic has taken the real estate industry for a wild ride. But from a digital marketing standpoint, what has changed and what will the rest of 2021 bring? While the real estate business has been slow to adapt–tech, such as automation, AI, virtual property tours (powered by augmented reality and VR), and more, have been implemented by the industry at a rapid pace as the pandemic has turned digital technology from a novelty to a necessity. To feed the new on-demand world, KLOUD breaks down three of the top digital marketing strategies needed to succeed as a real estate professional in 2021. 

1. Make Social Media Your Number #1 Priority. In years past, if you did not have a website, you were not considered to be a reputable company. Today, the same is true if you are not on social media. But it is not only about having a social profile. It’s about engaging with your audience and pushing out both consistent and relevant content. 

2. Experiment With Influencer Partnerships. It’s hard to imagine what a real estate influencer looks like, but there are many micro-influencers on Instagram and LinkedIn with niche audiences and very high social engagement. Experimenting with mutually beneficial partnerships with influencers can grow your business online and offline following through authentic content that keeps users engaged. 

3. Go Live with Live-Streams. Real estate professionals are networking experts, but with events on pause, there are only so many connections that can be made. With many people still not comfortable to meet in person, implementing live-streams can create trust within your network and tap into the ‘in-the-moment’ connection that we all crave. The sky’s the limit, but you can start with live interviews on Clubhouse the invitation-only audio-chat social networking app, presentations by industry thought leaders on LinkedIn Live, or short market overview videos on Instagram.

Kimberly Zar Bloorian is the founder and CEO of KLOUD, New York, N.Y.



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