Utilizing building roof to create a revenue stream - by Alexander Paleski

February 19, 2021 - Front Section
Alexander Paleski

How can I utilize my building rooftop to create a new revenue stream?

Most building owners and their property managers are woefully lacking in the knowledge and experience required for the installation of a simple rooftop tenant. In reality, the co-location of telecom equipment is quite common today and is probably within line of site from your very roof. Subcarrier is well versed in the rooftop management industry, ensuring competitive market rates with strong marketing connections at all major telecom entities. In this ever exponentially increasing world of telecommunications, rooftops can be a significant source of revenue. This collocation can range from smaller WISP style installation to large microwave dishes and panel arrays. The need for specific coverage is dependent on where the building is located, its height and a specific telecom user’s need for coverage in an area.

The revenue your building could generate would heavily depend on who is there. At Subcarrier Communications, we do business with companies large and small, governmental and commercial as well. Immediately after putting in place a management agreement we get busy advertising this new “real estate” to our vast network of clients. There is a reason a large privately held firm has been able to compete with large publicly traded entities for over 35 years now, and it boils down to our commitment and dedication to our clients.

We’re working through a tumultuous time right now, the recent “working from home” trend is here to stay causing extra strain on wireless networks. This forced paradigm shift toward a future where coverage will be demanded everywhere by everybody. Subcarrier is the firm your organization can count on to accommodate this next future demand spike.


Alexander Paleski is the site acquisition manage at Subcarrier Communications, Old Bridge, NJ.



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