Vermont residents get special pricing for innovative home energy monitor from Sense

November 01, 2019 - Green Buildings

Burlington, VT According to Sense, the innovator in home energy monitoring, eligible Vermont residents can take advantage of a special program through Efficiency Vermont that takes $199 off the price of the award-winning Sense Home Energy Monitor. Available to Vermont residents for a limited time for $100, the Sense home energy monitor and app work like a fitness tracker for your home, telling you what’s on, what’s off and how much energy it uses, so you can save money and make your home more sustainable. Efficiency Vermont is also partnering with local solar installers to make the Sense monitor available to homeowners who purchase rooftop solar systems.

In a study to determine potential benefits for Vermont residents, Efficiency Vermont found that Sense had the potential to help users save about $100 a year on average. In addition to purchasing the Sense Energy Monitor, qualified residents will join Efficiency Vermont’s program to assess the best ways for residents to reduce energy costs and adapt to renewable energy. Efficiency Vermont provides objective advice, technical services and financial support to help Vermont residents create healthier, happier, more comfortable spaces.

Customers rely on Sense for a wide range of uses including tracking their home devices, determining whether they left appliances running and identifying major energy drains in their home so they can substantially reduce their energy costs. Through its unique insights, Sense inspires customers to change their habits and their homes for the better.

Sense uses innovative machine learning to identify devices by their energy signatures and track their activity. For example, in the Sense app, you’ll see if you turned off the clothes dryer before leaving the house, and can set alerts to tell you if the coffeemaker is still on. Sense tracks both smart and “dumb” devices in real time, so you know when your garage door opens or the microwave turns on. You can talk to Sense with Alexa or Google Assistant, and Sense integrates with selected lighting systems and smart plugs. 

For homeowners with rooftop solar systems, Sense can also monitor solar energy production and compare it to energy used.



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