Video Doorman is expanding into New England

May 20, 2016 - Connecticut

New York, NY Most apartment buildings do not have a doorman because of the cost. But most residents and owners want the doorman services that provide 24/7 security, especially late at night, and the convenience of receiving deliveries. Video Doorman security systems solves this problem.

Larry Dolin, the CEO of American Remote Video Inc. and the creator of Video Doorman said, “It’s a revolutionary interactive system that provides 24/7 building security, escort support services for tenants, plus a way tenants can receive packages when they are not at home. And it does it at less than 5% of the cost of an actual doorman ... about $1.50 an hour. As important, it delivers added value to the building, whether it is a rental or condo.”

The revolutionary new Video Doorman security system offers tenants in non-doorman condos, co-ops and rentals a way to receive their package deliveries safely when they are not at home. Whether it’s UPS, FedEx or deliveries from local retailers or dry cleaning,Video Doorman functions just like an actual doorman to allow the delivery person into the building and escort them to the secure package room. Video Doorman uses state-of-the-art surveillance equipment and procedures to provide optimal security. Access control, Central Station monitoring, recording and secure package storage are all rolled into one system.

How it Works When a courier presses the button on the Video Intercom Panel installed on the outside entry of a building, a trained Central Station operator views the courier, obtains tenant delivery information, and allows entry via the remote system. All activity is recorded... both audio and video. A series of cameras within the building, supplied with speakers and microphones, monitors the delivery’s progress through the building while  “escorting” the courier to a secured package room. The tenant is then notified via email or text. And this same system can respond to emergencies when a tenant presses a hold up button or calls for help from an elevator.

Access Control The system starts with an exterior Video Doorman entrance panel equipped with a backlit high-resolution camera, a built-in speaker/microphone with noise reduction, and a VDM Proximity card reader. A reader is also installed on package room door, with software hosted and managed at Central Station.

Central Station Monitoring The signal travels over a high speed internet connection to Video Doorman’s 24-hour UL certified Central Station. Operators are trained to handle video monitoring calls and all systems are backed up. In effect the system is “alive”. Unlike traditional systems, which are primarily used after an incident, this system reacts to programmed signals with live trained operators.

Entry/Tracking High resolution IP cameras and speaker/microphones allow Central Station operators to interact and monitor the courier to the package room and out of the building. The tenant is then notified of the delivery. No other system available today provides  this key ingredient.  Video Doorman never loses track of a delivery person.

Secure Alarmed Package Room American installs a magnetic lock, door closer, alarm, camera with speaker/microphone and a card reader in the package room, all connected to the Central Station for remote release/monitoring. The camera with speaker microphone records entry and stops any internal theft.

24/7 Recording Video Doorman uses the most advanced, professional digital recording system. It provides 24/7 real time, high-resolution video recording,and on-call 2-way remote audio/video access control. 24/7 Vital Signs Monitoring instantly reports any system malfunction.

Door Ajar Notification When door is left open, American is notified, and lets the building management know to close it. As important, American sends a clip to the manager of the person who left it open.



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