2020 Women in Construction: Kelly MacLean, Director of Operations at Vantage Builders

March 27, 2020 - Spotlights

What are you doing differently in 2020 that has had a positive impact on your career? I am looking towards 2020 as a year for fine tuning. Since I joined the firm in 2016, we have rolled out a number of great programs and this will be the year to take stock, evaluate the new procedures and processes and make any necessary changes. Vantage is a much different organization that it was five years ago. We have grown our team, we have implemented many client-focused processes and have entered new markets. We have a great group of people who work collaboratively and understand that the overall success of the organization hinges on the success of each of us individually and as a team, and on how well we deliver on each project.

When I’m not working I am…Most likely spending time with my family: my two high school age children and our two goldens, Maggie and Max. We enjoy skiing and soccer and, at our vacation home in Key West, anything water-related: fishing, paddle-boarding, swimming, boating, you name it. Reconnecting with my family is always a wonderful way to decompress and recharge. 

What trends are you seeing in your field this year? I am thrilled to see so many women succeeding in the construction industry and look forward to the trend continuing. My first job in construction was as a cashier at Somerville Lumber when I was in high school and have been in the industry ever since. In my 20s, women were in non-ops but certainly not in the field or project management. At Vantage, women are represented in every department: in the field, project management, estimating, accounting, marketing and human resources. There is no barrier to success for a woman at Vantage which helps set us apart in the industry. 

Who or what inspired you to join the construction industry? My father was a carpenter and estimator and my stepfather is a retired Union Laborer. When I grew up, we were always building or fixing things around my house. Spending so much time with my dad and stepdad really influenced me to join the construction industry. Being a single mom in the industry was definitely not easy, and there weren’t many female mentors or role models to help navigate back then. One of my goals is to help everyone at Vantage achieve their personal and professional goals and I particularly enjoy mentoring our group of talented, strong women to help them to excel. 




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