2018 Women in Construction: Angela Juliano, CUBE 3

March 30, 2018 - Spotlights

Name: Angela Juliano

Title: Senior Associate Principal - Interior Design

Company: Cube 3

Years in the A/E/C Industry: 20 years

What associations or organizations are you affiliated with? IIDA, BACC

If you had to choose one word to explain why you do what you do, which one most suits you? (money; love; challenge; power)And why? For me, I think it has to be a little of everything listed here, but it definitely has to be a lot of passion. This can certainly be a tough industry to work in and without passion that will propel you forward, I just do not see how I could continue to do this for another 20 years.

Are you aware of the film Hard Hatted woman? If so, what does a film like this mean to you? I am aware of the film now. I just watched the trailer. It looks amazing. I will be watching it in entirety.  

Why the A/E/C Industry? Transforming spaces and changing the way others experience and use space is why I do what I do. I love taking a tired space and giving it new life and purpose. 

From a young age I always remember being so interested in all types of buildings as well as the inside spaces. I was never shy to offer many suggestions on how to redesign spaces I visited, including the elementary school I attended. It did not stop there. I was constantly redesigning the interior of our home, which my parents were never very fond of. Not really knowing what Interior Design meant because I was never formally exposed to it, I just knew I had a strong pull towards the arts and creating interior environments. Design was something that was always a part of my life.

Advice/Keys to Success: In this industry you always need to be pushing the envelope to stay ahead. Keeping up is just not good enough. If you see a new product that is really cool…figure out a way to use it before it becomes common place. It is a fast paced environment and deadlines are plentiful, but you need to find ways to stay engaged and passionate. Also, you need to keep learning in order to continue to grow professionally. Never stop learning. Go see places you have never been before and pull design in from all elements of your life.


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