New England Selacoating's basic dimensions for parking lot line striping in New England

July 05, 2019 - Owners Developers & Managers

Boston, MA New England Selacoating has some basic dimensions and information for parking lot line striping in New England.

Typical line colors are yellow and white, but some businesses are changing that up. Any parking lot can have other colors used to mark their parking stalls. We have striped spaces in colors like blue and red to match company colors or colors on buildings.

Dimensions of spaces:
- Perpendicular spaces

• 9’ wide x18’ long is the typical size space used.

• 8.5’ wide x18’ long is a compact car space.

•8’ wide x18’ long is a sub-compact car space. (extremly small)

• 10’ wide x18’ long is a very wide space, perfect for parking lots with a lot of pickups and large SUV’s.

- Parallel Parking Spaces

• The width is typically  8’ to 9’ wide and the lengths vary from 22’ to 26’ long. The ones in the middle tend to be larger than the spaces on the end. 

- Angled Spaces 

• There will be less spaces in an area if angled parking is used. The stall is offset from the curb. Angled parking spaces usually angle at a 45 to 75 degree off the curb. The travel lanes can be a little narrower from 19’ to 22’ depending on the angle of the parking space. The offset off the curb will vary from 15’ to 4’6” depending on which angle you choose. The length of the stall will also vary from 15’  to 17’.

- Handicap Spaces

• Van Accessible spaces are 8’ wide with a 8’ hashed off area.

• Standard car Handicap Spaces are 8’ wide with a 5’ hashed off area.

• Two Handicap Spaces can share one hashed off area. A Handicap parking spot on each side of the hashed area is up to ADA Compliance.

- A motorcycle parking spot is typically 4’ wide and 9’ long.

- Travel lanes 

• These areas are what is between the parking stalls. Used to travel through the parking lot. These areas are very important they should be 24’ wide. They should be wide enough so Emergency and Fire Department vehicles can access everything with ease.


• Fire Lane/No Parking- Can be 1’ to 2’ tall. 2’ makes them much more visible to drivers.

• Words or numbers in parking stalls should be 1’ in height, you can make them anywhere from 8” to 2’ in size, usually 1’ is used.



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