2022 Ones to Watch: Lorianne Smith, AIA, NCARB, Studio Manager at Jewett Construction

June 10, 2022 - Spotlights

What recent project, transaction or accomplishment are you most proud of? Establishing the in-house architecture department of Jewett Construction has been the most challenging and gratifying undertaking of my career. To start from scratch and determine every detail of an architecture practice according to my own vision is an architect’s dream. To be able to do so while being completely and overwhelmingly supported by a best-in-class construction company is indescribable. The hallmark of our department is intelligent design and high quality drawings that contribute to a quality project for both Jewett Construction and our clients. I just can’t wait to get to work every morning!

What led you to your current profession? I fell into architecture almost accidentally. I spent most of my childhood and teenage years preparing for a career as a concert violinist. But as my college application deadlines loomed, I realized I had two problems. One problem was carpal tunnel syndrome that had already set into my hands at age 17 and the other was stage fright. I did some soul searching and decided an alternative career path was probably my best choice. Other than music, my favorite class was physics. I also realized that I truly enjoyed a mechanical drafting class that I had been forced to take for some reason I don’t remember. (It was all hand drafting back in those days.) To my teenage brain, mechanical drafting plus physics equaled architecture school. I fell in love and never looked back.

What are the top 3 items on your bucket list? 

  1. To travel
  2. Learn to ride a horse well
  3. Master oil painting

What are you doing when you aren’t working? I am outside in the garden or enjoying the outdoors hiking or boating!




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