2024 Women in Construction: Flaviane Richard, Dacon Corporation

March 29, 2024 - Spotlights
Flaviane Richard
Project Manager 
Dacon Corporation 

What are your goals for the future? My goal is to provide young girls who may not have the chance to obtain prestigious college degrees the opportunity to explore the construction industry. I want to show them that this field is welcoming, open, and provides a platform for their voices to be heard. I believe that it can be a rewarding and fulfilling career path that can lead to both success and happiness.

What has been the driving force behind your success in the AEC industry? The construction industry has given me the gift of achieving a healthy work-life balance, having a voice in my work, and feeling recognized. It has allowed me to be a devoted wife and mother while also pursuing my passion and achieving success in my career.

Who or what inspired you to join the AEC industry? When I was 10 years old, I knew that I wanted to become an architect. My inspiration was a friend named Gilsinha Costa, who was an amazing architect. However, at that time, I just wanted to be like her because she dressed very well. (Well, I was only 10!)

What is your favorite / most beneficial part of Women in Construction week? Being intentional about diversity! The construction field can bring a lot of benefits by making it more inclusive for women. Currently, the construction industry is dominated by males, but by bringing more women into the field, we can introduce valuable perspectives, skills, and diversity. There are many good reasons for this, but one of them is that by increasing gender diversity, we can help address the labor shortage in the industry and create a more inclusive work environment. Ultimately, making the inclusion of women in the construction field a win-win situation for both individuals and the industry.

What was your greatest professional achievement or most notable project in the last 12 months? I received my Construction Supervisor License.



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