AGC MA launches building advancement externship program

July 23, 2021 - Construction Design & Engineering

Wellesley, MA On August 16th, as a part of its continuous workforce development initiatives, the Associated General Contractors of Mass. (AGC MA) will launch the AGC MA Building Advancement Externship (BAE) pilot program. The BAE will offer an immersive experience for Mass. educators by exposing them to every aspect of the commercial construction industry through office and job site tours, a visit to the carpenters apprentice training facility, and presentations about career paths, safety, technology, and business operations in today’s commercial construction industry. The program features experiential learning led by construction professionals and provides a comprehensive overview of the industry from the field to the office, with the ultimate goal being the creation of on-going partnerships between schools and AGC MA to advance awareness about commercial construction career paths.

The externship will offer seven selected educators from each region of the state first-hand understanding of the various skills and career paths in commercial construction, an opportunity for lasting relationships to build awareness of the commercial construction career paths available, the knowledge to relate core competencies in the industry to skills of students, and the ability to demonstrate viable career paths for all types of students from low-income, vocational students, high achieving STEM learners, and those who need additional career guidance.

Each extern will participate in 40 hours of virtual and in-person programming during the week of August 16 through the 20th, 2021 and will each receive a stipend generously funded by the Massachusetts Construction Advancement Program (MCAP) a union contractor benefits fund.

“Through the efforts of AGC’s workforce development taskforce, the BAE is setting the stage for a new platform on informing educators, parents and students the rewarding opportunities in the commercial construction industry. We are confident this innovative approach will ensure the future of our industry and deliver on AGC’s mission of promoting the economic strength of the commercial construction industry.” John Ferrante, AGC MA, CEO.



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