Brill of Wentworth Institute of Technology selected for Dacon’s Kuchinsky and Leahy Memorial scholarship

December 20, 2019 - Construction Design & Engineering
Gavin Brill

Boston, MA Wentworth Institute of Technology has selected Gavin Brill, a senior in the construction management program, as winner of Dacon’s memorial scholarship honoring company founders Richard Kuchinsky and Dennis Leahy. 

“When Dacon began this scholarship in 2014, we sought individuals demonstrating a strength of character in personal integrity, self-discipline and a desire for a career within this industry,” said Kevin Quinn, Dacon’s CEO. “Gavin’s performance record is remarkable, and we couldn’t be more delighted in the university’s selection of him. It is a pleasure for us to know that we contributed to his academic career. We foresee a bright future ahead for him.”    

A native of Scottsdale, AZ., Brill selected Wentworth’s program in construction management because he longed for a change of scenery and a nationally renowned education in the construction industry. Brill considered the move to Boston’s cold climate and financial independence “one of the most daring adventures of my life,” with a character focus on self-sufficiency and multi-tasking. He is flourishing. Brill attained honors with a 3.5 GPA, working 40 hours per week while engaging in extra curriculum activities including the position of vice president of the National Association of Home Builders Club. He is an inductee to the university’s Honors Construction Fraternity, ranking within the top 20% of class standing. 

Alongside Brill’s academic achievements lies a determination to address life’s practical responsibilities. In his sophomore year, Brill took over his tuition responsibilities from his parents by putting himself on a budget and working as a valet. When his supervisor quit, he expressed interest in taking over the position, despite the long, inflexible and late hours. Although he had to sacrifice free time, his grades remained honorable while he learned the timeless lesson of money’s value. “I get satisfaction from knowing that as my peers spend away their savings on drinks and meals out, that my savings are accruing,” he said.

This is Brill’s second scholarship award, having won the Applied Collegiate Exoskeleton (ACE) Competition for his design of a high school community center. Throughout his academic tenure, Brill has set a high bar for both his personal and professional development. “I have a greater understanding of the importance of hard work and collaborating with people of varying backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses, along with an acceptance of our differences,” he said. “I am excited to enter the workforce in the next couple of years now that I feel prepared for whatever challenges life puts in my path.”  

Of the subjects studied, Brill enjoys estimating the most as it allows him to exercise his mental math and geometry skills. He has held internships with Gilbane, J.M Seddon Contracting and Balfour Beatty. Brill seeks a career in construction because of the satisfaction he receives from seeing buildings that he created. Highly motivated, he would like to experience both commercial and residential construction, obtain a real estate license and one day invest in property.

Beginning Dacon in 1985, both Kuchinsky and Leahy were military veterans and graduates of the university’s architectural engineering program. Known for his charismatic and detail-driven personality, Kuchinsky designed domestic and international buildings with a broad range of clients from corporations to the Saudi Arabian royal family. A pragmatic problem solver and ethics-based individual, Leahy managed project execution, finances and client relationships.

This scholarship is awarded to a full-time undergraduate student focused in construction management or a related field with good academic standing. Preference is given to Eagle Scouts or Gold Star Girl Scouts and the applicant may renew the scholarship in subsequent years of enrollment.



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