Founder’s Message: Is Donald Trump making a political comeback? - by Roland Hopkins

October 23, 2015 - Founders Message
Roland Hopkins, NEREJ Roland Hopkins, NEREJ

The last time I wrote about The Donald I received more response than any message I had ever written. I was even invited to appear on Tom Hill’s popular radio show (among others). Why is Mr. Trump so popular? Because he shoots from the hip – something most politicians are not in a position to do, especially politicians who seem to not necessarily say what they think or feel, but they do try and say what the public wants to hear and will lead to votes.

If you recall, Mr. Trump made some exciting noise in the 2000 election, and again in 2008 challenging President Obama to prove he was an American citizen. He then never threw his hat into the ring.

What most voters don’t realize is that your highly educated vote isn’t worth any more than some homeless, brainless individual who at some point in life did register and now decided to act. Yes, his or her vote is worth just as much as yours. Has the uneducated voter heard of Donald Trump? Yes. Of course. Everyone has heard of Donald Trump’s mostly successful stuff – TV show, casinos, beauty contests, high rise office and residential buildings, hotels, golf courses here and in foreign countries. He even bought a professional football team. Mr. Trump has worked hard and become a billionaire. And, in his favor, if he did decide to seriously run, he does not have to raise money for his campaign like the other candidates. He can use his own money. It appears obvious that he loves his successfully fun fun fun lifestyle. Who wouldn’t? And, he must be aware that if he was to be elected president that his two terms would add to eight years out of his life (born June 14, 1946 making him a very young 69 – a life that is filled with hard work, along with lots of fun and games). He would be 77 his final year in office, and I don’t know too many 77 year olds who jump out of bed in the morning. Do you?

He is one of the most well known names in the United States, so he might get elected if he seriously decides to run. I think election day is about one year away. If I asked you or any man or woman on the street to name 10 possible presidential candidates, how many do you think could name more than two or three other than Donald and Hillary? Not many, if any.

So where does that leave us. I really think Donald would be a great president. Why? Because he succeeds in everything he does. He’s even on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and he’s never been in a movie. But, in my humble opinion, as much as his ego would be 1000% filled when elected, he would discover the hard way that being president of the United States ain’t no fun at all. As a matter of fact, I really don’t know the opposite verb of fun, but whatever it is – that would sum up being president. I know that presidents are not allowed to own casinos and TV shows. So, if you were Mr. Trump with all the successful business and fun outside interests that would have to be given up for eight years, would you run for the highest and most difficult office in the world? I don’t think so – and neither would I.

So the moral of this month’s message is that Donald Trump will have a ball pretending to be a candidate, but at the eleventh hour announce that he is not a candidate. STEP TWO. He will then back a candidate, who will, with his dynamic help, win the election. Remember fans, you heard it here first.

Roland Hopkins is founder of the New England Real Estate Journal, Norwell, Mass.



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