Founders Message

Founder’s Message: Happy 56th Birthday New England Real Estate Journal - by Roland Hopkins

The Journal recently celebrated its 56th birthday. Our first issue was twelve pages, dated January 17, 1963. I remember it like it was yesterday, five novices struggling to put together twelve pages – something none of us knew anything about.

Founders Message: Boston vs New York or is it New York vs Boston - by Roland Hopkins

For many years I have been a baseball fanatic. I still have the ticket stub from the first game I ever attended. It was a 1946 World Series game at Fenway Park between the Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals.

NEREJ Founder’s Message: Friends from the past - by Roland Hopkins

If your name isn’t in this article, please do not get angry. Trust me, when people age, so does their memory. Do you recall where you were on January 17th, 1962?

Founder's Message: Persons of the year - by Roland Hopkins

Roland Hopkins, NEREJ I’ve been writing these messages for many many years and have to admit that since I’m not allowed to w...

Founder's Message: Always check with an expert - by Roland Hopkins

Roland Hopkins, NEREJ Many years ago a young broker asked me a question about taking a piece of a deal in lieu of taking his entire comm...

Founder’s Message: Is Donald Trump making a political comeback? - by Roland Hopkins

Roland Hopkins, NEREJ The last time I wrote about The Donald I received more response than any message I had ever written. I was even in...

Founder’s Message: Number One - by Roland Hopkins

Roland Hopkins, NEREJ Someone recently asked me who was the first person I interviewed for the newspaper. The answer didn’t pop ri...

Founder’s Message: Go Yankees. I mean go Red Sox. I mean...???

  I was born in New England, grew up in New England, and have always been a Red Sox fanatic. Babe Ruth began his career with...