Haynes Group construct a 5,600 s/f outdoor biergarten for Mighty Squirrel in Waltham, MA

April 16, 2021 - Construction Design & Engineering

Waltham, MA Mighty Squirrel and Haynes Group have reunited to construct an outdoor biergarten at 411 Waverley Oaks Rd. and it is scheduled to open soon.

The original biergarten was closed and disassembled for the winter, but with spring ushering in warmer temperatures, Mighty Squirrel was able to re-open their popular outdoor space.

“Thanks to the generosity of the town and our landlord, we were able to use our parking lot for a biergarten again,” Mighty Squirrel co-founder, Henry Manice said. “This will allow us to welcome many more people from the community than we otherwise could have due to COVID-19 restrictions.”

Much like the original biergarten, established in 2020, this 5,600 s/f outdoor space transformed a portion of the parking lot into an entertainment oasis. “It’s the same layout, we rolled out turf, installed a perimeter, set up wine barrels, and installed string lights,” said Chris Pizzi, site superintendent at Haynes Group.

The Haynes Group project team had to work quickly to meet the anticipated grand opening. “Making an outdoor space like this come alive in such a short time is the most unique aspect of this project, we had about three to four days,” Pizzi said. “The spring weather also proves challenging when working on a project like this.”

To pull it off, Haynes Group had to bring together a good group of people. “A team of people is the most important part of any project, but especially one like this,” Pizzi said. “It’s a great feeling to watch a parking lot transform into a field of entertainment.”

As for future expansions, Mighty Squirrel is keeping their options open. “We always keep our ear to the ground.” Manice said.



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Kathy 4/16/21, 1:27 PM

An address would have been nice

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