2017 Women in Real Estate Spotlight - Diana Meyer

I was a psychology major from a smaller New England college.  Not your typical background to be a success in finance.  I had many people who doubted my abilities because I didn’t have a degree from a large university in finance.

2017 Women in Real Estate Spotlight - Faith Easter

While many attorneys fancy themselves gladiators, for me, it is all about the client, and achieving a result that is a success for both parties.  My clients are like family to me, and I spend a lot of time listening to their needs and ensuring that they are protected.

2017 Women in Real Estate Spotlight - WeiLin Chen

Sometimes the obstacles we face can become advantages. For example, English is not my native language. At times this brings the expectation that I cannot speak naturally. However, when they do speak with me, they see how patient,

2017 Women in Real Estate Spotlight - Jennifer Gaggion

Develop and maintain strong relationships with key partners. These are the contractors and distributors who brainstorm creative solutions with me and help elevate a project versus say it can’t be done. 

2017 Women in Real Estate Spotlight - Justine Orlando

First off, hitting any challenge or obstacle straight on is essential for successful outcomes. As a high-energy, high-stress, and fast-paced industry, it’s crucial to work towards a probable solution...

2017 Women in Real Estate Spotlight - Courtney Hendricson

By putting people first! I have always enjoyed getting to know people and a large network comes in handy in the CRE world in New England. People want to do business with those they like and trust and I have made relationship building a top priority throughout my career.

2017 Women in Real Estate Spotlight - Hayley Suminski

I leverage my interpersonal strengths to expand my network, grow relationships and ultimately drive results. The commercial real estate industry is very much a relationship based business and my career has been served well by many individuals that I’ve met along the way. 

2017 Women in Real Estate Spotlight - Enid Berrios

Years in real estate: 20 What real estate associations or organizations are you a member of: IREM, CHAPA, NEAHMA, and SAHMA How have y...

2017 Women in Real Estate Spotlight - Susan Shelby

Early in my career, I pounded the pavement in Los Angeles selling life insurance. I thrived on the challenge, and read stacks of sales strategy books to gain an edge. One of those books portrayed the rhinoceros as an ultimate salesperson:

2017 Women in Real Estate Spotlight - Wanda Rubin

To achieve success, we must navigate through obstacles. By recognizing these obstacles, we can remove them from our path. Accountability and responsibility go hand in hand. Set your goals, and make them realistic to achieve.