What IFMA Boston has been up to this summer! - by Jennessa Durrani

September 06, 2019 - Owners Developers & Managers
Jennessa Durrani,
IFMA Boston

We do hope you have all had an amazing summer of adventures, rest, relaxation, and of course productivity! While the IFMA Boston calendar may have looked quiet, I can assure you that we’ve been very busy over the summer working on our “summer to do” lists to assure we start off on a strong foot as fall quickly approaches.

The board has realigned several of our groups and committees in hopes that we are able to build and execute quality programming more efficiently. We’ve created a think tank made up of FM members that will meet quarterly to determine all of the content, speakers and panelists for our live and round table programming. They will be assisted by our logistics team which will assure that IFMA Boston has a consistent brand and experience across all live programming.

Our marketing & PR group is now brand advocacy and will be working on telling the IFMA Boston story and forging strategic alliances with related A/E/C organizations within Boston so that we can leverage joint programming possibilities and best practices.

Our membership team is now engagement and will be working at all live programming to assure our new members have a personal welcome, are able to communicate the benefits of membership to our non member attendees and will be working to align our members with rewarding volunteer opportunities.

Our FMForward site at www.fmforward.org is up and includes all of the tech talk videos from March and a great compilation video highlighting the conference. Look for our call for speakers to be released this month for this year’s conference.

We are also working on a new podcast series, newsletter format, and a new “State Center” programming concept - all to be launched soon.

So enjoy your last days of summer and join us this month to see all the fruits of our summer labor!

Jennessa Durrani is the executive director of IFMA Boston.


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