2022 Ones to Watch: Devon Morse, WPIT, Project Manager / Wetland Scientist at Hancock Associates

June 10, 2022 - Spotlights

What recent project, transaction or accomplishment are you most proud of? I placed a bid proposal for an Independent Peer Review of Wetlands and Engineering work, and Hancock Associates was selected and awarded as the peer reviewer for the city of Boston Conservation Commission. The scope includes the independent peer review of site work conducted in West Roxbury that has been ongoing since 2006. We continue to expand the services we are offering in the city of Boston and this is a great opportunity for us to broaden our work with the Boston Conservation Commission and the city as a whole.

What does it take to succeed in your specific industry? I think one of the major elements of being successful in the environmental and wetland science industry is to recognize environmental project constraints right away and address them with clients so that there is a better understanding of what the project will entail based on existing physical, biological and natural concentrates. I believe if a wetland scientist develops clear, achievable and measurable goals based on the regulations of not only the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act, but also any local ordinance that needs to be reviewed in compliance with any proposed work for a project, they will have a successful outcome in the end.

What led you to your current profession? I always believed I would be a scientist of some sort, whether that would entail working on the coast or in some profession that included coastal work. I studied marine biological sciences in Southern Florida and moved out to Southern California for quite some time. In California, I was able to develop certain interests in the environment, specifically natural resource systems which include techniques to implement wetlands to naturally treat urban runoff in a densely populated part of Orange County. From there I moved to my native state of Massachusetts where we are very fortunate to have an abundant amount of natural wetlands throughout this region. From restoration work to permitting in accordance with MA WPA Standards, I enjoy going out in the field for my job the most.

What are the top 3 items on your bucket list?

  1. Take a cooking class in a European country.
  2. Dive off the Great Barrier Reef.
  3. Own a beach front property some place tropical.

What are you doing when you aren’t working? When I am not working, I am enjoying quality time with my future wife and Great Dane.  We enjoy cooking and eating the most. Moving all around the country has brought myself and my family close together now, so hanging out on the beach or by a pool with them is where you will find me in the coming warmer months.



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