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The past year, reviewed. The next year, forecasted. - by Bill Pastuszek

To say that 2020 was an eventful, unprecedented year is to go with the traditional wisdom, which happens to be mostly right. Of real estate and appraisal, COVID created some challenges and gave out some surprises. 

Jensen of Boston Appraisal & Consulting awarded CRE credential - by Thomas Jensen

Boston, MA Thomas Jensen, MAI, CRE, principal/executive director at Boston Appraisal & Consulting, LLC, has been awarded the CRE (Counselor of Real Estate) credential by The Counselors of Real Estate, an international group of high-profile

Let’s start 2021 with a much needed laugh or two - by Brian White

For commercial real estate appraisers, most days are spent inspecting buildings, walking land, gathering data, crunching numbers and writing reports. The general public likely thinks that the life of a commercial real estate appraiser is dull and uneventful

How the legal environment endangers appraisal practice -by Roger Durkin

This article is directed at all appraisers including real estate appraisers, business appraisers, art, antique, machinery, equipment, sports memorabilia, jewelry, coin, or collectibles. An appraiser is a person who provides a defined economic exchange value

President’s message: 2020 is in our rearview mirror - by John Drew

2020 is in our rearview mirror, but like most things in 2020 the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Chapter of the Appraisal Institute held their Holiday Meeting and Installation of Officers virtually on December 2nd. The MA-RI Chapter will once again

Elements re-shaping The value of real estate - by Marc Nadeau

A year of change: The year 2020 brought with it COVID, record low interest rates, a record increase in e-market commerce and federal and state moratoriums on evictions. These elements and more are proving to re-shape the real estate landscape. 

Fresh start in 2021 - Nustart and restart - by David Kirk

New Year’s resolutions. Newly minted constituencies. Healthcare, education and care. And the caregivers, teachers and elderly are at the top of the list. The national Centers for Disease Control have recommended the essential caregivers and vulnerable elderly receive

Analyzing R.E. futures: More than demand/supply study - by Daniel Calano

While it may seem obvious, this past year has taught us real estate pundits that our work is fraught with uncertainty. No matter how good our demand supply analysis is, stuff happens that we were not expecting. Enter COVID, with unforeseen impacts on our health

The COVID world has reshaped how work is done and how the workspaces are now viewed - by Bill Pastuszek

Appraisers concentrate on the economic analysis of real property though the lenses of the four great external forces: Governmental, economic, social, and environmental. They consider the four characteristics that are required to establish value in real estate (and many other assets): Demand, utility, scarcity, and transferability. Appraisers also consider physical forces, including environmental, topography, water, location, and climate effects.

Appraising in difficult times – an update - by Robert Concannon

So here we are, the day after the presidential election, and still waiting for the results. In ordinary times, this would be a feature event of the year with debate and discussion ensuing for weeks. But this is no ordinary year with lockdowns, closing and openings, testing, testing and more testing and now further lockdowns. It is enough to give anyone a migraine with no immediate relief in sight.