Appraisal & Consulting

We are always learning - by Shaun Fitzgerald

Many, many years ago at the age of 16, a family friend – also our insurance agent – congratulated me on getting my learner’s permit. No, no, I responded, I’ve had my learner’s permit for six months

President’s message: Standard of professional practice/ethics - by John Drew

The Appraisal Institute (AI), as a leader in the field of real property valuation and an agent of change/improvement in the appraisal profession, is once again taking steps to set the highest standard of professional practice and ethics.

Getting a read on uncertain markets - recommendations - by Michele Wood

Recently, I saw a headline reporting a 136% rise in people seeking readings from online psychics, no doubt caused by the acute uncertainty that we all find ourselves in over the past 12 months. Uncertainty leads to anxiety, and in times of anxiety

CRE Consulting Corps - Making a difference - by Michael Harrington

I’m often asked what does it mean to be a CRE? Followed up by what is a CRE and what are the goals of the organization? These are all good questions and they’re questions I’ve asked myself

Interest rate, cap rate, inflation: A witches brew? - by Daniel Calano

Over the last several years, since the 2008 Great Recession and earlier, I have written individual articles about interest rates, whether they would increase, whether it would affect real estate values, investment, and cap rates.

Update on the industrial market in Boston - by Bill Pastuszek

As we all pretty well know, industrial markets – by that, including warehousing, logistics, etc – have been the darling property sector during COVID-19. The Boston industrial market

Generation Z, on the move… like literally. - by Daniel Calano

Last month I wrote about how culture influences the creation and use of real estate. My main point was that current culture changes so quickly, leading to an uncertain future of building permanence. In this article, I am venturing a bit further, perhaps

Appraisal theory and the advent of quantum computers - by Roger Durkin

There is a radical rapid change coming to appraisal methodology in the form of quantum computers, algorithms, and artificial intelligence. Appraisers need to get up to date with statistical modeling and away from cookie-cutter appraisals.

Solar power on steroids - by Brian White

Grid-tied solar systems have been multiplying over the past decade in New Hampshire, and throughout all of New England, as solar technology and the financial feasibility of installing a system have both improved. A solar array can be either a rooftop system

President’s message: MA, RI and ME Chapter! - by John Drew

I am writing to you this month to let  you know that I am no longer the 2021 president of the MA-RI Chapter of the Appraisal Institute. Instead I am proud to declare that I am now the 2021 president of the newly merged