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Update on appraiser specialization - by Bill Pastuszek

I was looking through previous articles and came across something I wrote 4+ years ago that seems as appropriate now – if not more so – than then. Following is an update on the issue of appraiser specialization, competency, and meeting the current extraordinary demand for appraisal services.

Fremeau awarded Distinguished Service Award - by Brian White

The Distinguished Service Award is awarded by the board of directors on a periodic basis to individuals who have provided the chapter with exceptional leadership and/or service. This summer the NH/VT Chapter board of directors awarded Joseph Fremeau, MAI, SRA, this award.

Reforming Real Estate Appraisal Licensure -Part One - by Roger Durkin

For the last ten years Durkin Law, P.C. has acted as defense attorneys for Massachusetts licensed real estate appraisers charged in a complaint with the threat of losing his or her license to earn a living and/or face heavy fines, forced to surrender their license

The shortage in the appraisal industry - Maria Hopkins

Over the last two years, there has been an unprecedented volume of appraisal orders due to the low interest rates fueling the whole world to refinance. In addition, there was a high demand for housing of all types and price ranges with limited supply, which led to a strong increasing market.

President’s final message: Thank You! - by John Drew

Well that went by fast. It was just a year ago that I was sworn in as the 2021 president of the Massachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter of the Appraisal Institute. In short order we merged with Maine, and I am proud

CT regulation change to permit appraisers to complete evaluations - by John Galvin

Instead of real estate appraisals completed in compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), in 2010, federally regulated financial institutions were permitted by federal law to utilize non-USPAP compliant opinions of value

Pandemic patterns in micro markets - by David Kirk

Omicron variant has appeared in North America and local economic activity will be impacted by the newly emergent variant. Pandemic patterns in micro markets have varied considerably. The performance of built environment is dependent upon the local economy

Intro to the Metaverse: How will it change real estate? - by Daniel Calano

Meta..what? Metaverse, as in universe. Have you even heard the word? In its simplest form, the metaverse is an extension of the Internet we already have. More specifically, it is a concept of blending real world activities in life

Challenges in market analysis - by Bill Pastuszek

In these times of active markets, and seemingly unprecedented demand for appraisal services, analysts are challenged to provide cogent, relevant, and accurate market analyses as part of valuation assignments. The evolution of the appraisal process,

Get the shovels out. Let’s get moving. - by David Kirk

Climate and Pandemic Ready Infrastructure. Cultural Community Compliance and BUILD BACK BETTER. Much ado about everything. Avoid confusion. Pork and puff. Power and punch. From Wi-Fi to healthcare, and everything in between, it’s all connected and so are we.