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Real state design: Short shelf life for a “permanent” structure - by Daniel Calano

Recently, I have been doing some market analysis consulting for a developer in Naples, Florida regarding “What buyers want” in housing. The bottom line was that buyers want something different than they wanted five years ago, which was different than five

Stuff is happening that affects appraisers - by Cohen and Sousa

There’s no doubt that the appraisal profession, as small as it is, remains on the radar of federal and state lawmakers and regulators. The size of the profession, coupled with the fact so few appraisers belong to any association that stands up for them, makes challenging adverse changes very difficult.

The appraiser as an expert witness - by Roger Durkin

This article is a taste of information about what an appraiser should and should not do as an appraisal expert witness. Almost every lawsuit is more about money than justice. Appraisers provide the money figures. And every lawsuit that involves professional

Appraisal misconceptions - by Bill Pastuszek

My very unscientific research shows some myth busting is needed. Here are some myths, misses and misconceptions. 1. The Appraisal Profession is Endangered. Not really. Despites rumors and some efforts to make it so, it’s a pretty good profession to be in.

MA/RI Chapter of AI president’s February message - by George Demopulos

The Massachusetts and Rhode Island Chapter of the Appraisal Institute opened the 2020 year with our first organizational meeting in January to establish our important committees and to discuss our yearly goals. The entire board of directors

An age-old problem or rather, old age - by Laurie Mentz Nichols

It’s old news for residential real estate appraisers – our numbers are dwindling. As of December 2019, the Appraisal Institute (AI) estimated that there were approximately 77,800 unique appraisers in the U.S. active appraiser population,

What’s built is what’s financed, mostly. - by David Kirk

What’s built is what’s financed, mostly. Accordingly, good ideas in commercial real estate need buy-in from the capital markets, even where equity capital is substantial in the capital stack. Demand continues to be supported by job gains (net 225,000 newly hired in January 2020), m

Future of real estate marketing: Are you in control? - by Daniel Calano

They say there is an app for everything. You probably use many of them in your real estate work. You probably know a fair amount about social media, influencers, search engines and other ways to bring real estate to the consumer. But are you on top? Are you in control?

The year reviewed: An eventful year 2019 was, on many fronts - by Bill Pastuszek

An eventful year, 2019 was, on many fronts. On the real estate end of things, it was a pretty much steady as it continues to go this time of year. The biggest surprise was that these markets keep on going, going, going, like that tired old TV Bunny!

Mass. Board of Real Estate Appraisers president’s message - by Michael Nicora

First, I would like to thank the immediate past president John Beauchaine, MRA for his hard work and dedication as president of the Mass. Board of Real Estate Appraisers (MBREA). I have been fortunate during my time on the board of trustees to work with several dedicated presidents, Richard Simmons, Jr., RA, Marcus Johnson, MRA and Susan Mitchell, RA.