Green Buildings

Court expands applicability of Article 97 in parks in MA - by Susan Bernstein

In October 2017, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (the “SJC”) issued its decision in Smith v. City of Westfield, involving when a proposed change in the use of public park land could be governed by the Massachusetts State Constitution’s Article 97.

Arrowstreet names Bubriski director of sustainability & building performance

Boston, MA As part of Arrowstreet’s continued passion for creating a sustainable built environment and designing for healthier living,...

End of year is a good time to take a look at your energy strategy - by Craig Huntley

We all know the drill. As the year comes to a close, we begin thinking about new plans for the coming year. We have great visions for new priorities and projects and finally addressing those nagging issues that we didn’t get to this year.

Question of the Month: Can I perform a wetland delineation in winter? Plan ahead or be left out in the cold - by David Cowell

Each year clients ask “Can I perform wetland delineations in the winter?” My vague answer is “It depends.” First, confirmation with the regulatory agency (whether it be federal, state or local authority) is necessary to verify that they will accept a wetland delineation performed in winter.

Samuels & Associates and Soofa install solar powered digital info. board in Fenway

Boston, MA The Fenway will now be home to one of the world’s first solar-powered digital information boards through a new collaboratio...

USGBC Massachusetts Chapter names Elbaum as the new executive director

Boston, MA According to the entire board of the USGBC Massachusetts Chapter, they have hired Meredith Elbaum as the new executive director. ...

Fully utilize your real estate assets through solar energy - Turn your roof into a revenue generator - by Craig Huntley

Real estate developers and building owners recognize that they need to maximize every s/f of their real estate assets. Solar energy offers a number of innovative ways to better utilize underused assets and provide benefits to both owners and tenants.

DiPrete Engineering is working on over 30 solar projects in Mass. and R.I.

Cranston, RI Solar development projects in the states of Mass. and R.I. are increasing at a substantial rate. The American Council for an En...

ReVision to install solar for Nashua Soup Kitchen

Nashua, NH The Nashua Soup Kitchen & Shelter (NSKS) is set to become the first solar-powered nonprofit organization ...

How to get best financial outcome while “going green” - by Udi Meirav

With energy use in commercial buildings accounting for nearly 20% of total U.S. greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at a cost of more than $100 billion per year, and global warming the heated subject of national discourse, the sector is under growing pressure to make a difficult decision – produce the best financial outcomes, or increase their building costs to “go green” and boost energy efficiency to reduce carbon emissions.