Green Buildings

Staying on top of your energy consumption with demand monitoring - by Steve Bianchi

If you’re like me, I’m sure you have had those moments when your energy bill arrives and you find yourself saying “can that be right?” With all of the stifling heat this summer and HVAC systems working overtime to keep up, many building owners or their tenants are probably thinking the same thing.

Stonegate Group installs 1,070 kW solar array atop 92 Blandin Ave. building

Framingham, MA Stonegate Group, a real estate developer with residential and commercial properties in Massachusetts, has installed a 1,070 k...

Appeals Court comes to decision on CWECA case - by Susan Bernstein

Susan Bernstein is an attorney at law, Needham, Mass. ...

BLT’s work on Harbor Point wins Sustainable Communities Brownfield Redevelopment Award

Stamford, CT Building and Land Technology (BLT) received the Sustainable Communities Brownfield Redevelopment Award. BLT is the developer re...

Considering solar and need a new roof? Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target program - by Scott Howe

Scott Howe is partner, senior vice president of Solect Energy, Hopkinton, Mass. ...

Arrowstreet’s MIT Sustainable Roof Study and Planning Tool receives national honor from the SCUP Excellence Awards Program

Boston, MA According to Arrowstreet Inc., its MIT Sustainable Roof Study and Planning Tool is the recipient of a national honor from the Soc...

Changing janitorial contractors can be seamless: Here is what to expect - by Daron Greelish

Maybe you have been considering a changing of the guard with regard to your janitorial company. Like many service industry companies, janitorial service is a highly price-competitive industry, but there is more to consider than just budget.

How do you accomplish construction without disrupting your facilities? - by Marc Newmark

So, you’ve found yourself managing a construction project at your institution and somehow it needs to get done while you keep everything running as normal. Don’t panic! While noise and vibration certainly aren’t the only issues created by construction, they are an inevitable change in the

Old Sturbridge Village celebrates 1.8 MW solar energy system with Solect Energy, Green Street Power Partners

Sturbridge, MA At a celebration that was marked by the contrast of old and new, officials from Old Sturbridge Village Museum (OSV), students...

Wind turbines may soon turn south of Martha’s Vineyard - by Susan Bernstein

In June of 2017, utility distribution companies such as National Grid and Eversource Energy in Massachusetts in conjunction with the Massachusetts Department of Energy (“DOER”), issued a Request for Proposal (“RFP”) for cost-effective long-term contracts for offshore wind energy generation