The resilience of industrial real estate in the greater Boston marketplace: Optimistic outlook - by Nate Nickerson

Overview and Context:The industrial real estate sector in the Greater Boston market has experienced significant growth in recent years, primarily driven by the rise of e-commerce, increased capital availability from pandemic stimulus measures, and historically low interest rates. However, the current

Monitoring the market, making the right decision at the right time - by Thomas Sweeney

When you are sick your body fights infection by stimulating your immune system via a fever. Similarly, to the body’s response to sickness, the commercial real estate market likely will worsen over the next 12 months before leveling out. This will be concentrated

Annual Southern Maine industrial market survey: Statistics show robust market favoring owners - by Justin Lamontagne

The Greater Portland industrial vacancy rate has remained relatively stable since the last report at the end of last year, with a modest increase of 14 basis points to reach 1.91% as of July 1, 2023. The Dunham Group is pleased to present our mid-year update on the annual

Rhode Island industrial market report - by Julie Freshman, George Paskalis, and Mike Giuttari

The Rhode Island industrial market continues to follow the national trend, with low vacancy rents, strong demand and rising rates. Vacancy rates for industrial space in Rhode Island are very low and in the 1% to 2% range for “modern” single-story industrial buildings,

Fast food, breakfast/lunch, pubs, and sports bars are continuing to be profitable and growing - by Dennis Serpone

Due to the current state of our economy, why would anyone want to start or own a small business in our country, let alone the capital-intensive, labor-intensive food & beverage industry?

A summer of some discontent - by Bill Pastuszek

As observers of real estate activity, we can get very caught up in the short-term gyrations of markets, all the while knowing that smart investors generally play the long games. The media and related pundits pounce on short-term variations and produce conclusions that may or may not

2023 forecast for 1031 tax-deferred exchanges - by Brendan Greene and Mark McCue

Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 1031 allows a property owner, who holds property for “the productive use in a trade or business or for investment” to defer paying capital gains taxes if the property owner sells such property, identifies “like kind” property

The cost of risk in a changing market - Spencer Macalaster

The last couple of years was defined by an unprecedented number of varied natural catastrophes, political and social unrest, COVID-19 variant concerns, supply chain crisis and surging ransomware attacks. As we enter the second quarter of 2023 and look to the future, the cost of risk in

Is it the weather or the economy? - by Earle Wason

The first paragraph in writing my 2023 preview in January 2023 is as follows: “Looking back at the year 2022, again my firm, Wason Associates, had one of our best years in hotel brokerage transactions and dollar volume. As we head into the new year, we have some really exceptional hotel properties under agreement to close in the next few months. However, to be truthful it feels a little different

Happy anniversary – A look back from Bill Pastuszek

I was just reading the remarks that Rolly Hopkins, the founder of the New England Real Estate Journal (NEREJ), wrote on the 50th anniversary of the paper. He said: In terms of “publishing newspapers, I discovered that timing and luck are most important in any endeavors one undertakes.” I have found that to be true in other areas as well. Being there helps and being there at the right time helps even more.