About Champion Elevator Corp. - by Don Gelestino

Champion Elevators New England expansion has been very successful for property owners and managers as they provide them with a service as an alternative to the OEM companies.

Consistency through the Storm - by Joe Tavares

Providing advice is the most important part of commercial lending. Documents can be gathered, items can be notarized, rates can be negotiated (you didn’t hear that from me). But solid, unbiased advice, especially in this market is incredibly valuable, and I'd argue at times, even hard to find.

The future of New Hampshire office is now - by Michael Harrington

I recently attended a webinar hosted by the national chapter of The Counselors of Real Estate entitled “Office – Great Debate”, attached is a link to the webinar

Restaurant experts ready to assist - by Dennis Serpone

As a commercial broker there are times when you list a property that’s happens to be beyond your scope of experience. Example: An owner asks you to list their hi-tech, atmospheric controlled storage warehouse in Dighton. You don’t even know how to get to Dighton, let alone how to evaluate what its market value is or how to market it.

3 Trends to watch out for - by David Skinner

The world is changing quickly, industrial and otherwise. There are 3 trends I am going to very quickly discuss with you and my opinion about how it impacts industrial real estate.

The golf industry will remain strong since there is little threat of new construction - by Jeffrey Dugas

The national golf market last peaked around 2000 with a market participation rate of 11.1%, but it was the demand felt during the late 1980s that fueled the building boom experienced in the late 1990s. As indicated by the graph below, in 1990 there were just-under 2,200 golfers per 18-hole golf

The commercial mortgage landscape as winter approaches - by Michael Chase

It may only be the end of October, but for commercial mortgage borrowers and practitioners it might as well already be year-end. With a few rare exceptions, most new loan requests are likely to fund in 2023. Even during a time of rate volatility, many commercial real estate

After 15 years in operation real estate auction firm has seen it all

Sandwich, MA When president and lead auctioneer of Sullivan & Sullivan Auctioneers, Marianne Sullivan decided the time was right to take what she had learned from her previous years of experience in the real estate auction industry and go out on her own, she had no idea

There are always opportunities if one digs deep enough, is creative and willing to take the risk - by David O'Sullivan

We are in a season of change when it comes to the economy. Job reports are good, inflation is still persistently high, interest rates continue to climb and the stock market goes up and down like a seesaw but mostly down. This is an uncertain fall season. There seems to be no one opinion on where

Reading the tea leaves - by William Pastuszek

Looking at the real estate data and the economic data, there are some issues that need to be examined. It may be time to take a look at where markets are heading. The froth of the post-pandemic days seem to be moving behind us, replaced with a less heady, and more sober reality going forward.