Reopening offices safely in response to government-mandated COVID-19 control plans - by Stephen Graham

To reduce the risk of infection by the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), guidance was originally provided starting in February/March 2020 by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

COVID-19 has illustrated our ability to adapt to seemingly insurmountable challenges - by Paul Natalizio

The ever changing effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have shaken the very substructure of our economy and have exposed our hidden vulnerabilities, but also have illustrated the country’s ability to adapt to seemingly

Kafkaesque Bureaucracy and the dubious morality of administrative law - by Roger Durkin

What is a Kafkaesque1 Bureaucracy? It is “a surreal world in which all your control patterns, all your plans, the whole way in which you have configured your own behavior, begins to fall to pieces, when you find yourself

Consequence of COVID-19 is that real estate is going to morph into something that it wasn’t before - by David O'Sullivan

We are all living in a different world than the one we expected at New Years of 2020. Our lives have been turned upside down and we have adapted to new procedures for work, shopping, eating, social events and schooling. One thing

“The trouble with charts these days is that they keep breaking” - by Bill Pastuszek

We all have no doubt spent some serious time and effort in trying to figure out what is happening and what will happen in our real estate markets. Lots of data, less clarity. Trouble is, we have enough of a challenge

The New England Real Estate Journal's
2020 Industry Leaders Spotlight

The New England Real Estate Journal's 2020 Industry Leaders Spotlight

Why should you buy a restaurant today? - by Dennis Serpone

A few months ago, one of the biggest problems that restaurants had was finding enough staff...both  front of the house and the kitchen. Buyers didn’t want to deal with that problem. However, today, under the present circumstances

A positive first quarter in New Hampshire with an unclear future - by Kristie Kyzer

The New Hampshire commercial real estate market had a positive start to the year, but the direction of the market moving forward is unclear. Occupancy rates remain high, with the office market at 91% and the industrial market at 95% at the end the first quarter.

Federal CARES program picks up a big chunk of business interruption - by Frank Licata

Recovery for Companies With 500 or Fewer Employees. Of the five action fronts we highlighted on March 25 (below), the federal security/stimulus package has been signed into law.

Five varying approaches for landlord-tenant relationships during the current economic environment - by David Skinner

The most substantial questions during the COVID-19 outbreak are from tenants, “Do I have grounds to pay less rent?” And from landlords, “How can I maximize rent while still maintaining the most advantageous relationship with my tenants?