2019 Women in Construction: Lorna Lavelle, Project Scheduler at PROCON

Lorna Lavelle’s charming Scottish accent and quick humor are easily noticeable. She began her career in the United Kingdom (U.K.) and joined PROCON in 2015 as a project scheduler. A master’s degree in -Energy Systems and the Environment, led her into a PM position working for Britain’s nuclear-decommissioning industry.

2019 Women in Construction: Leslie Del Sesto, Assistant Project Manager at PROCON

“I have never felt like the only ‘female’ in the room at our company because there is such tremendous respect for everyone, male or female,” said Leslie Del Sesto. Del Sesto worked at PROCON for 5 years before leaving to raise her children. She later returned, but on a slightly condensed schedule. 

2019 Women in Construction: Kim Pyszka, Assistant Project Manager at PROCON

Kim Pyszka “interned” her way into a construction role while studying to be an architect at Keene State College. But, in her junior year she became more interested in sustainable building. Thus, after getting an architectural degree, she stayed on at PROCON as an assistant project manager (APM), focusing on sustainable building practices. 

2019 Women in Construction: Susan Hackett, Subcontractor Relations Manager at Delphi Construction, Inc.

What are you doing differently in 2019 that has had a positive impact on your career? Making sure to take vacations and enjoying life – not waiting “until things calm down.”

2019 Women in Construction: Olivia Henry, Marketing and Business Development Coordinator at Delphi Construction, Inc.

What are you doing differently in 2019 that has had a positive impact on your career? Pushing myself to do more and thinking outside of the box in both my personal life and in my professional life. It started last fall with a trip to Ireland, just taking an opportunity a little out of my comfort zone and regular routine.

Delphi Construction remembers one of their own Women in Construction

Delphi Construction wishes to take a moment during Women in Construction Month to recognize, honor and remember a dear co-worker and friend, Tracy Lubin, who passed away suddenly this past January after a brief illness.

Tight R.I. office market offers tenants few large block opportunities - by Pete Hayes, Steve Flachbart and Matt Fair

The overall economy in Rhode Island has maintained its steady improvement. The state has over 2,000 more jobs than it did a year ago and the unemployment rate has decreased to 4%, which is half a percent lower than in 2018. The stable economy combined with limited new speculative office developments in either downtown

Rhode Island market 2019: The land of hotels, schools and medical - by Mike Giuttari

During 2019, much of the growth and development is focused on Downtown Providence. Much of this has to do with the colleges and hospitals, and residential in general. Rhode Island continues to develop hotels, especially in Downtown Providence, due in part simply to a vibrant, in-demand city, and with the intent of creating

Builders risk insurance protects from the time the shovel hits the ground to certificate of occupancy - by Spencer Macalaster

In recent months we have seen an uptick in construction related activity throughout the real estate marketplace.  Residential, retail and commercial developments are all either under construction or being considered by owners and developers.  The insurance marketplace is responding well to this increase in demand and ample carriers are vying

There is opportunity for development and sites located in towns with vision to make it happen - by Mike Harrington

Spring always gets me thinking about longer days, warmer weather, march madness, opening day at Fenway and of course the sound of heavy equipment and the smell of diesel as ground breaking occurs for new construction across the state. So, I thought it appropriate to focus this article on new development occurring in