2017 Women in Real Estate Spotlight - Laura Gregoriadis

Years in real estate: 13 What real estate associations or organizations are you a member of: CREW Boston – former board of director...

2017 Women in Real Estate Spotlight - Laurie Pirie

One of the most important tools I have worked to develop during my career is a flexible point of view. This means I strive to see what appears to be an obstacle, not as an obstacle, but as an opportunity to look at the issue from a different point of view.

2017 Women in Real Estate Spotlight - Sarah Cormier

Balancing the demands of being a competitive weightlifter, mother of a toddler, and architectural designer takes excellent project management skills. The ability to set goals, create an action plan, and have the discipline to execute the plan is essential.

2017 Women in Real Estate Spotlight - Susan Gray

The main obstacles are during economic industry downturns. These have required diversification, nimbleness, and successful penetration of new markets—sometimes taking us out of our comfort zones, but always positioning us for future growth.

2017 Women in Real Estate Spotlight - Jennifer Murphy

I always strive to keep a positive attitude despite whatever challenges come up. One of the things I love about real estate and property management is that no day is ever the same.  We are constantly faced with new challenges.

2017 Women in Real Estate Spotlight - Lisa Collentro

There are people who have the innate ability to think strategically and lead others. I am not one of these people. I had to get there (and continue to get there) through experience. This means I made, and continue to make, a lot of mistakes along the way.

2017 Women in Real Estate Spotlight - Nancy Reno

As vice president of marketing & training, I believe it is important to develop relationships that will foster success in all aspects of your career. My biggest strength comes from my background in building community partnerships and networking.

2017 Women in Real Estate Spotlight - Maria Hopkins

One of the most important things that I have to done to achieve success is networking.  Communication and developing relationships is still the number one key to success.

2017 Women in Real Estate Spotlight - Jane Sullivan

Wellness is a big trend in strategic workspace design. We see clients becoming more thoughtful about creating healthy spaces that bring a sense of wellbeing to employees. When we create spaces where people want to work, they perform better at their job—happy employees are productive employees.

2017 Women in Real Estate Spotlight - Deana Arden

Being a woman in a predominantly male industry is challenging, however I try to be opportunistic and create value add relationships with key decision makers-both female and male. I believe that I have a unique advantage over many fellow commercial real estate professionals...