Hunneman’s goal is to give the asset manager or owner the information to make the best decision - by Steve Prozinski

Hunneman has the unique ability and flexibility to work with different types of clients ranging from institutional, family owned, full-service local buyers, and entrepreneurial clients. Over the past 10 years

New Hampshire midyear report and trends: Commercial office and industrial markets - by Bob Rohrer

A look at occupancy rates and lease rates in the office and industrial markets across the state point to several interesting trends – trends that have been the calling card for the New Hampshire market

Insurance marketplace review - First half 2019 - Hard market emerges - by Spencer Macalaster

The storm clouds are gathering across most lines in the current insurance marketplace, with rate and premium increases being proposed and achieved by all carriers. In 2017 and 2018, the marketplace

The investment tax credit and consumer demand, make outlook for solar development look robust - by Richard Nadeau

For years we have heard that alternative, renewable energy, including solar energy, is the future for America. Traveling by train from Amsterdam to Berlin, one sees numerous wind turbines producing renewable energy

Midyear thoughts - The housing crisis is a supply-and-demand imbalance - by David O'Sullivan

What happened to the first half of 2019? Here we are in July and it seems like winter just ended a short time ago. It is prime vacation season and maybe finding that everyone you are looking for is away someplace else

The city of Boston is a dramatically different place than it was at the start of the 21st century - by Webster Collins

The leaders in Boston’s current real estate growth spurt are the new equivalency of the Boston Trustee, which built much of the city 100+ years ago. To mention a few major participants in Boston, there are the followers

La dolce vita and the story of the Dowager Empress Maria Theresa - by Paul Dion

Picture yourself at an “ozmiza,” or “eight-day tavern,” overlooking the Adriatic Sea on Italy’s Carso coast, near the Slovenian border. A guitarist serenades you and your companions

1031 tax-deferred exchanges will continue to trend upward in 2019 - by Brendan Greene

While it is nearly impossible to predict what the future holds for the real estate market and 1031 exchanges, we believe that the low interest rates will help keep the real estate market strong for investors and developers

Advancing the abatement of blighted mill buildings through court-supervised mastership - by John Dorsey Jr.

In Rhode Island, there is a well-established precedent of Court-supervised proceedings to liquidate insolvent real estate projects, including projects that have a historical mill building component, through what is known

Two Universal Window and Door projects earn 2019 Boston Preservation Alliance Awards

Boston, MA Universal Window and Door, a manufacturer of custom window solutions for historic restoration and commercial construction projects, provided the historic replica windows for a pair of projects that were recently