2018 Women in Construction: Mary Bulso, Daedalus Projects, Inc.

Advice/Keys to Success: My main piece of advice to anyone is to listen. It takes time to understand the process and how the parts come together. Whether you graduated with a formal education or entered the trades directly, there is so much to be learned from your peers.

2018 Women in Construction: Delwyn Williamson, Daedalus Projects, Inc.

Advice/Keys to Success: Always enter the room with a smile. Doing so not only communicates self-confidence and approachability, it sets a good tone for your meeting or day.

2018 Women in Construction: Emily Clark, Chapman Construction/Design Company

Name: Emily Clark Postion: Project Manager Company: Chapman Construction/Design Company Years in the AEC Industry: 6  What ...

2018 Women in Construction: Sarah Hodges, Autodesk

What was your most notable project in 2017? Being that I represent a software company (Autodesk), the most notable work comes from our customers. I am inspired every day by the work that they do. Whether it is a building here down the street from my office in Boston, to one in China ,the work done by our customers continues to stand as examples that inspire others around us. 

2018 Women in Construction: Stacy Roman, Commodore Builders

Advice/Keys to Success: Never stop learning. Never stop asking questions. Never let a road block stop you in your tracks. Learn from your mistakes and always look forward.

2018 Women in Construction: Kseniya Slavsky, Gilbane Building Company

Why choose the A/E/C Industry? A/E/C blends diverse skills and activities within each day. Never boring. The work product is tangible. It’s a team sport.

2018 Women in Construction: Jacqueline Falla, Elaine Construction Company, Inc.

Advice/Keys to Success: Love what you do or change it. Stay curious. Get involved/be engaged. Continue to learn and grow. Advocate for yourself and others. The A/E/C Industry is a wonderful one, and can provide a stable work environment and living...

2018 Women in Construction: Molly Pidgeon, Pidgeon & Co.

Why the A/E/C Industry? The A/E/C industry has endless avenues for career growth and longevity. It’s an exciting and challenging industry and New England, Boston in particular, is a great host of so many different areas of real estate needs...

2018 Women in Construction: Margarita Kvacheva, LBC Boston

Name: Margarita Kvacheva Position: Senior Vice President of Development Company: LBC Boston Years in the A/E/C Industry: 6  ...

2018 Women in Construction: Kara Ruggeri, E.M. Duggan, Inc.

Why the A/E/C Industry? I chose to go into plumbing because at a young age I knew that I wanted to work in a trade with my hands and be outside, I didn’t want a desk job. I attended a trade school where I went through many fields and found plumbing the most challenging and knew it was for me.