Positive trends are developing during COVID, and industrial real estate is as healthy as ever - by Sam LeGeyt

Industrial real estate has been generally strong across the nation in the response to the last recession and prior to COVID-19. In Maine it doesn’t look like that is going to

Questions and Answers regarding industrial real estate during COVID-19 - David Skinner

Question. What you would expect to happen during COVID-19?
Answer. You should expect that in a global shutdown,

Transaction volume declined, but creative solutions have allowed deals to close during pandemic - by Michael Chase

On March 10th Mass. governor Baker gave the order to shut down all non-essential businesses in Massachusetts. The last 20 weeks have certainly presented unprecedented challenges but also incredible responses in the face of many obstacles. Regulators for the banks,

During the COVID-19 pandemic the hospitality business is in “Survival Mode” - by Earle Wason

The last article I wrote for publication in the New England Real Estate Journal was in January 2020 and it was to preview the upcoming year. Well as you can imagine I really missed. We all know so much has changed since then.

Boston and the Great Pandemic recovery – communication with clients is most important - by Webster Collins

The article I wrote in January 2020 featured the Five Pillars of Boston’s commercial real estate market. The #1 pillar was talent.

Business models have changed and will be very different upon return - by Michael Giuttari

Well, where do we start? I have been writing articles for the New England Real Estate Journal for as long as I can remember, at least 30 years, and never have I had a simpler, or more difficult

Out of the ashes, opportunity arises! - by Dennis Serpone

The number of restaurant transactions is up by more than 70% going into the fourth quarter of 2020 over the same comparable time in 2019.The confluence of economic and market conditions as a result

Work-from-home trend will shift office occupancy while industrial market sees multiple transactions - by Kristie Kyzer

Ending the second quarter with the uncertainties that COVID will have in New Hampshire has left many unknowns in commercial real estate. As the state passed the early stages of the pandemic,

COVID-19’s impact eminent domain, $6 million for relocation, leasing issues - by Jason Scopa

Now, several months into a moratorium on evictions, the housing market, rental market, and court system continue to stagger. At one end of the spectrum, facing quite a unique plight, is a

Tax ninjas – let us put our skills to work for you, and see how much grain we can save! - by Paul Dion

Colleges looking to compete for students have added new fields like cybersecurity, political campaign management, and even beer fermentation. (That last one seems a bit indulgent,