New product types for industrial real estate developers - by David Skinner

Investors who specialize in industrial real estate in 2019 face three challenges. The first challenge is that it is nearly impossible to find “good deals” to buy because New England companies (users) are growing at unprecedented

2019 Women in Real Estate: Elizabeth Krol, Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.

I am truly honored to represent CREW Boston as delegate to the CREW Network of nearly 12,000 members globally who are committed to the advancement of women in commercial real estate.

2019 Women in Real Estate: Karen Hurd, Baker Tilly

“Always be ready” Heard it twice – from a NBA coach and a former boss early in my career.

2019 Women in Real Estate: Barbara Oddo, Lincoln Property Company

CREW has afforded me the opportunity to meet and network with people in the industry and other markets that I might not have encountered, otherwise. My involvement has resulted in a number of relationships that, without CREW

New England Real Estate Journal's
August Spotlight: Industrial

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New England Real Estate Journal presents
Women in Commercial Real Estate

New England Real Estate Journal recently published its annual Women in Commercial Real Estate Spotlight. The August 30th Spotlight edition shares insight into today’s commercial real estate industry from a woman’s perspective.

Institutional or non-institutional lenders? That is the question - by Jeffrey Muñoz

Boston’s residential and commercial real estate market is known for its strong fundamentals. With an expected slowdown in activity nationwide, Boston remains a point of focus for both institutional and non-institutional

Downtown Portland mid-year class A update: Currently we have high demand and lack of supply - by Jessica Estes

In January of 2019, we published our annual Market Outlook, which gives an overview of Maine’s commercial real estate market with an emphasis on the office sector. One of the most watched indicators

The good news is that for every restaurant that comes up for sale, we have buyers waiting to buy - by Dennis Serpone

Mid-stream in 2019, the restaurant market is  in a constant state of flux. The face of our industry is changing at an accelerating rate driven by the immense amount of new buildings being built throughout the State

Company of the Month: Wayne J. Griffin Electric’s employees are the company’s most valuable asset

Holliston, MA For Wayne J. Griffin Electric, Inc. (Griffin Electric), a leading electrical subcontractor throughout New England and the Southeast for more than 40 years, it has been a