Southern Maine’s commercial real estate market remains strong and steady - by Matt Cardente

Last year marked yet another solid year for southern Maine’s commercial real estate market with early signs suggesting that the office, industrial, and retail sectors will remain healthy through the 4th Quarter of 2018.

We see another strong year for commercial real estate in New Hampshire - by Bill Norton

I recently returned from Florida - Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, Plantation Bay, and Ormond Beach (upper east coast). I was glad to get away from the cold and back to back Nor’easter’s.

Situated on the shores of Lake Champlain, downtown Burlington is poised for growth - by Jeff and Ryan Nick

Anchored by the Church St. Marketplace ( downtown Burlington, Vermont, continues to thrive in today’s changing retail environment. Since its conception in 1981, the 252,000 s/f pedestrian mall in the

Minimize taxes when selling appreciated R.E. - by Ron Birnbaum

In my 25 years as a financial advisor I have been asked by many clients how to sell investment real estate without paying a high tax bill. Today’s top tax capital gains bracket is 23.8%, including the 3.8% tax from the Affordable

Our current tax code may not be the worst way to raise government revenue - by Paul Dion

We Americans have fought with our internal revenue code since 1913. But slicing and dicing income, deductions, and a dizzying array of business and personal credits is hardly the only way that Uncle Sam could raise the money he needs to pay for guns and butter.

Who benefits from extending real estate appraisal license requirements under Senate Bill 2246? - by Roger Durkin

Bud Clarke wrote an opposition to my article, “Appraisers as Intellectual Idiots.” At the very least I captured someone’s attention. Susan Mitchell, president of MBREA, praised mandatory licensing in her recent article.

Real estate continues to benefit from moderate economic fundamentals and well-priced risk - by David Kirk

The new Fed chair Jerome Powell announced the first rate hike for 2018 on March 21. Along with continuing members of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), Powell represents continuity and consistency, accessibility and transparency.

2018 Women in Construction: Christine Mosholder, Fort Point Project Management

Name: Christine Mosholder Title: Owner, Co-Founder Company: Fort Point Project Management Years in the A/E/C Industry: 25 years ...

2018 Women in Construction: Paige Lewis, Interstate Electrical Services Corp.

Name: Paige Lewis Position: Detailer Company: Interstate Electrical Services Corp. Education: University of Massachusetts/Amherst, B.A....

2018 Women in Construction: Ashley Pagan-Burroughs, Interstate Electrical Services Corp.

Name: Ashley Pagan-Burroughs Company: Interstate Electrical Services Corp. Position: Second Year Apprentice What...