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2019 Fall Preview Spotlight

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Considerations of construction in existing healthcare facilities - by Woody Kemp

Working in existing occupied spaces presents additional challenges to construction. Constantly changing regulations mixed with upgrades to existing spaces also adds challenges on top of the specialized constraints of healthcare

2019 fall outlook: Finding a chair before the music stops - by Michael Chase

2019 has been an active year so far for U.S. commercial and multifamily real estate. There appears to be a consensus among fellow practitioners that this summer lacked the typical seasonal slowdown, particularly here in Boston

Minimize taxes when selling appreciated real estate - by Ronald Birnbaum

In my 25 years as a financial advisor I have been asked by many clients how to sell investment real estate without paying a high tax bill. Today’s top tax capital gains bracket is 23.8%, including the 3.8% tax

Property valuation modeling for real estate portfolios - Spencer Macalaster

Many real estate property owners often think they should insure the building for what they paid for it.  This however, does not take into consideration what would happen in the event of an insured property loss

It is the “Mom & Pop” and independent operators who are keeping the economy moving forward - by Dennis Serpone

Well, doesn’t it feel good? It feels like that the good old days are back. The stock market keeps breaking to new highs, ignoring the international turmoil. Oil prices are at reasonable levels, fracking has made the U.S. energy

End of year outlook - Boston industrial real estate market report - by David Skinner

Boston industrial real estate is as hot as it has ever been and there are few signs of slowing down. While we may hear conflicting reports about the health of the U.S. economy as a whole, the specific factors

Looking ahead this fall, the industrial market will continue to be challenged by low inventory - by George Paskalis and Julie Freshman

During 2019, the Rhode Island industrial market has remained consistent with the last couple of years – high demand, low supply, little to no new construction, and heavily influenced by the growth of the Boston economy.

Smart businesses are learning quickly how to trim fat, adapt and best position themselves for the future - Tom Sweeney

The commercial real estate industry is constantly influenced by change. It is those owners and users that are able to quickly adapt to the changes that will survive the inevitable lull. Adapting to new business models,

Office and industrial markets continue to tighten, but each sector seems to have their own nuances - by Kristie Kyzer

The New Hampshire market continues to see both office and industrial inventory tightening.  We are seeing ample lease and sale transactions, as well as welcoming some new tenants to the market, which is helping drive the