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The changing environment: inflation, rates, geo-politics - by Bill Pastuszek

The year 2022 has greeted us with plenty of uncertainty. At the end of the first quarter, most projections are now subject to review and possible resetting.

Inflation is here, finally. Why do we care? - by Daniel Calano

For those of you who were around in real estate a couple of decades ago, you know we were sure inflation would come, and interest rates would increase. The truth is…it never happened, except for a few blips. I, for one, gave advice or made decisions based

Hevenor installed as 2022 Appraisal Institute Chapter President

Malden, MA Brad Hevenor, MAI, was installed as the 2022 president of the Massachusetts Rhode Island & Maine Chapter of the Appraisal Institute at the annual holiday meeting and installation of officers, directors and regional reps

Appraisers in the news - by Bill Pastuszek

Appraisers like to do their job quietly, flying somewhat, under the radar. For the most part, they keep their heads down and stay focused on the task assigned. They do their important work quietly and generally without much fanfare.

President’s message: Work hard for the chapter

The new year has provided little opportunity for the Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Maine Chapter to catch its breath. Our staff and slate of volunteers are hard at work executing a packed schedule

Metaverse finale: Virtual real estate future? - by Daniel Calano

This is the third and final NEREJ article regarding Metaverse concepts and their path towards virtual real estate investment. In my December and January articles, I reviewed the basics, including the definition of Metaverse and its current uses.

Eminent Domain Appraisals - by Marsha Campaniello

Appraisal opportunities often not considered are those involving Eminent Domain as a result of “the right of a government or its agent to expropriate private property for public use, with payment of just compensation” through due process of law. Whether the appraisal client is the property owner or the government agency, whether the property is residential, commercial, industrial or vacant land

The past year, reviewed. The next year, forecasted - by Bill Pastuszek

For most real estate professionals and for nearly all appraisers, 2021 was a hard-working year. With respect to economic behavior as it relates to real estate and valuation, the COVID era continues to challenge and surprise.

Forecast - Two per cent! - by David Kirk

Seasonally and algorithmically adjusted data is spilling forth. The Fed has reported that rate action, guiding inter-bank lending and borrowing, can be expected to increase in 2022 significantly. Other quantitative easing, primarily Fed portfolio purchases

Saben, MRA ,74, passed away December 21st, 2021

Yarmouth, MA Robert William Saben Jr., MRA ,74, passed away peacefully at his home in Canton, Georgia on Tuesday, December 21st, 2021, surrounded by loving family members.