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Appraising dev. sites: With vs. without entitlements - by Thomas Jensen

Appraising a development site often requires “as is” and “as entitled” scenarios. However, larger sites tend to have a limited number of recent comparable transactions available for review. Therefore, a paired sales analysis of sites “with” and “without” entitlements is not always possible.

MA/RI Chapter of AI President’s final message - by Greg Curtis

It has been another productive year for the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Chapter of the Appraisal Institute. The chapter had a record 13 newly designated members, including 10 MAIs and three SRAs.  Additionally, three RAs haves earned an AI-RRS and one MAI has earned an AI-GRS for a total of 17 new designees.

Keeping up with Portsmouth - Stephen Bergeron

In recent decades, the city of Portsmouth seems to have changed more drastically than any other community in New Hampshire. Before discussing some of these changes, I thought it would be interesting to note some of the demographic characteristics that make Portsmouth unique.

Hold the SALT - How has this impacted real estate? - by Albert Franke

SALT, as you may know, is an acronym for State and Local Taxes. It was first introduced to us through An Act to Provide Reconciliation Pursuant to Titles II and V of the Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2018, better known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA).

Portfolio punch for 2019 and 2020 - by David Kirk

Year-end portfolio adjustments for tax, performance and allocation strategies are the logical foundation for tweaking budgets, resetting spending/saving plans for commercial real estate for 2020. Financial media and analysts/accountants focus on publicly traded investments,

Consumer retail good - Brick & mortar continues to decline - Daniel Calano

Our real estate office has been in Harvard Sq. for over 20 years. Over that time, there was not a lot of physical building change, often due to a general respect for small local shops catering to Harvard professors, students and neighbors. Now, and over the last few years, the square is full

Mass/RI Chapter of Appraisal Institute and MBREA hosted the New England Appraisers Expo on October 21st

Norwood, MA The Mass/RI Chapter of Appraisal Institute and MBREA hosted the New England Appraisers Expo on October 21st at the Four Points by Sheraton Norwood,

Opinions of value - and why they differ - by Mark Plourde

“What’s my property worth?” It seems like a simple question, but depending on whom you ask, the answer may vary – and sometimes by a lot. Why is there such a difference? Well, for starters - perhaps it wasn’t clear just “what” the

Life science building conversions in metro Boston - by Thomas Jensen

As the global life science industry continues to mature and grow, the level of demand for lab space in metros like Boston have far out-stripped the available supply for some time now. This is true especially in key life science

What’s with this market? The expansion continues...- by Bill Pastuszek

The expansion continues (Part VI, or something like that). I’ve been having discussions with appraisers, lenders, investors, experts and pretty much anyone who will engage in conversations, casual or formal. I continue to be amazed