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Don’t panic the slow down - We are part of the cycle - by Jennifer O’Neill

Does the slow down bring you into an irrational panic? EVERY SINGLE TIME for me. I know the logic is that it is temporary, it’s been done before, and all is good in the world. But here we go again. Whether it is seasonal (busy summer, slow winter), or cyclical (1987 highs and 1990’s lows, 2008 crash, COVID boom and now interest rate slow down

Artificial intelligence: Friend or foe? - by Daniel Calano

The world is abuzz with chatter about artificial intelligence (AI), and how it will help or hurt society, economy, ethics, culture, our very being. Although it seems relatively new, most people are unaware of the history of the activity.

Springtime brings buds and blooming - stay where you are - by David Kirk

You must know what you are doing in this market. Borrowing from a counsel of the trade, I talk with measure. Let us examine the property and the location. Portfolio considerations are compelling and time sensitive. Action makes sense. With limits on liquidity and capital, commercial property

What is affordable housing? by Rose Perrizo

The term “affordable housing” has two meanings. One is generic and simply means reasonably priced apartments or homes. In high-priced cities like Boston, it refers to housing that is not high-end, luxury, or built for the very wealthy.

MA-RI-ME AI Chapter proud organizer of ATB Program - by Robert Maloney

The MA-RI-ME Chapter of the Appraisal Institute is the proud organizer of “Appraising for the Appel-late Tax Board – Expanding Your Scope of Work Services” to be held on May 3, 2023 at the Hilton Boston / Dedham Hotel.

Subjects assessing team will be discussing at ATB program - by Lane Partridge

I was very pleased to be asked to be one of the speakers to represent all Massachusetts assessors, at the MA-RI-ME Chapter of the Appraisal Institute program, on the Appellate Tax Board. I will be joined by Ellen Brideau, chief assessor for the city of Lowell and Michael Tarello MAI

Boston Appraisal & Consulting pleased to sponsor Appraising for the Appellate Tax Board program - Thomas Jensen

Boston Appraisal & Consulting is pleased to be a program sponsor of the MA-RI-ME Chapter of the Appraisal Institute’s “Appraising for the Appellate Tax Board – Expanding Your Scope of Work Services” to be held on May 3rd, at the Hilton Boston/Dedham hotel.

Valcre: Boston office primed for tax appraisals

Boston has a vast amount of office space as a state, regional, national and international hub for government, education, banking and finance, insurance, legal, healthcare, biotechnology, technology and R&D sectors. Faced with a slew of converging adverse conditions, office is perhaps the most troubled commercial real estate sector

Appraising for the Appellate Tax Board Program

The MA-RI-ME chapter of the Appraisal Institute is pleased to be holding a four-hour program entitled “Appraising for the Appellate Tax Board – Expanding Your Scope of Work Services” on May 3rd at the Hilton Boston/Dedham Hotel.

Office space demand slowing: Loan defaults ahead? - by Daniel Calano

Everyone, including myself, has opined about when and whether workers would return to the office. In the end, despite some aggressive pressure from employers, a hybrid work style has evolved, typically with employees working from home for two or three days/week, and in the office