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The past year, reviewed. The next year, forecasted - by Bill Pastuszek

For most real estate professionals and for nearly all appraisers, 2021 was a hard-working year. With respect to economic behavior as it relates to real estate and valuation, the COVID era continues to challenge and surprise.

Forecast - Two per cent! - by David Kirk

Seasonally and algorithmically adjusted data is spilling forth. The Fed has reported that rate action, guiding inter-bank lending and borrowing, can be expected to increase in 2022 significantly. Other quantitative easing, primarily Fed portfolio purchases

Saben, MRA ,74, passed away December 21st, 2021

Yarmouth, MA Robert William Saben Jr., MRA ,74, passed away peacefully at his home in Canton, Georgia on Tuesday, December 21st, 2021, surrounded by loving family members.

Appraisal bias challenges - by Steven Spangle

There is a growing awareness of bias in the appraisal profession. President Biden has established a task force to address race-associated disparities in home appraisals. The commission will primarily focus on the issues of mandatory data reporting and automated valuation methods.

President’s first message: Looking forward to 2022 - by Brad Hevenor

Brad Hevenor, MAI, is the 2022 president of the Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Maine Chapter of the Appraisal Institute and is vice presi...

2022 CT Chapter of the Appraisal Institute update - by Jacqueline Beauchaine

As we welcome in 2022, I would like to personally thank the 2021 Connecticut Chapter of the Appraisal Institute officers and directors for their leadership/service during last year. They gave their time to help promote and strengthen the Appraisal Institute

Another great migration causes dislocation and renewal - Valerie Pontiff

Referencing movement by black families from the southeast to the north and west from about 1915 to 1970, The Great Migration changed demographics in the United States in ways that endure today. Six million people, or over 100,000 per year (250,000 using today’s US population)

Real Estate and the Metaverse: Phase II - Daniel Calano

Last month I wrote my New England Real Estate Journal article introducing the “metaverse,” and its potential impacts on real estate. I promised to dig deeper in the next one, with more specifics on the subject. Here it is.

Update on appraiser specialization - by Bill Pastuszek

I was looking through previous articles and came across something I wrote 4+ years ago that seems as appropriate now – if not more so – than then. Following is an update on the issue of appraiser specialization, competency, and meeting the current extraordinary demand for appraisal services.

Fremeau awarded Distinguished Service Award - by Brian White

The Distinguished Service Award is awarded by the board of directors on a periodic basis to individuals who have provided the chapter with exceptional leadership and/or service. This summer the NH/VT Chapter board of directors awarded Joseph Fremeau, MAI, SRA, this award.