Appraisal & Consulting

Aggregations, algorithms, AI and judgment - by David Kirk

Judgement continues to be the discerning characteristic in commercial property investment and development. And in the analysis supporting underwriting and appraising commercial property. Not necessarily in defiance of the ubiquitous data and traditional methodologies

The appraiser profession - by Bill Pastuszek

Valuation is a most interesting profession. Those who practice valuation find appraisal - the process consisting of “part art, part science” - a wonderful challenge in the study of human economic and social behavior.

The appraisal gap - by Albert Franke

The appraisal gap. We’ve been hearing a lot about this lately. What is it? The appraisal gap is the difference between a property’s appraised value and its contracted sale price. The term is commonly used when the appraised

Real estate supply chain: Panoply of related issues - by Daniel Calano

The phrase “supply chain” is not called “chain” for nothing. With regard to real estate development, everything is chained together. Raw materials, labor, energy, manufacturing, transportation and storage, even global politics are all linked.

An appraiser contemplates the life cycle of religious properties - by Arnold Grant

As faith communities design and build religious facilities, the planning horizon may be measured in terms of decades or centuries. Churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples may offer the promise of permanence.

Residential price surge slowing? - by Shaun Fitzgerald

Is the residential home price surge slowing? It looks like it. While an appraiser is not required to predict the future, none of us want to get caught overvaluing a property. So it might be wise to look at some of the indicators that precede price declines.

A round table discussion for the benefit of the appraisal profession - by Roger Durkin

The next Appraiser Expo should include a round table discussion with a group of multi-discipline appraisers, real property, machinery, personal property, assessment, business valuation especially in issues involving litigation, divorce, partner disputes, bankruptcy, IRS decedent estates, gift tax, non-cash charitable donation, environmental stigma, etc.

Appraisers are a popular topic in Congress - by Allan Cohen

Appraisers and real estate appraisers are a popular topic in Congress. I heard this and wondered why. It turns out that our work has deeper layers of oversight that are raising questions. United States House Committee on Financial Services, also referred to as the House Banking Committee, is watching appraisers and reading appraisal reports.

Appraisals in a changing market - by Steven Spangle

Many real estate markets are starting to see prices increasing but at a slower pace and some price ranges are starting to see price drops. When a market is rapidly changing and sales and prices are in flux it can be challenging for appraisers who rely on historic data to support their conclusions.

Is the dream of homeownership out of reach? - by Shauna Hatch

It’s no secret that the demand for single-family homes in the United States is greater than the supply. Not only are fewer people selling their homes, but fewer homes are also being built. The building rate of the previous decade struggled