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Markets are rebounding: We all seem to now believe the worst is behind us - by Bill Pastuszek

Markets are rebounding: We all seem to now believe the worst is behind us in terms of COVID-19 and the possibly recently concluded Great Pandemic. This is now the Grand Reopening phase. Things seem to be getting back to normal.

What is the office sector experiencing as it moves out of COVID-19? - by Bill Pastuszek

What is the office sector experiencing as it moves out of COVID? What is in store for landlords, tenants, and office occupiers going forward? The office market is an asset class that was affected very fundamentally by the lockdown: The house/apartment/loft became the office for many, and is likely to continue to be for some.

Workforce housing in N.H. - by Kathleen Holden Bergeron

Since the early 2000’s, rising home prices and rents in New Hampshire have resulted in in challenges for residents finding affordable housing in some areas. Meanwhile, record low unemployment has burdened businesses with a scarcity of qualified employees.

Increasing values and the appraiser’s challenge - by Steven Spangle

Housing prices have been increasing at amazing rates. This has been great for sellers but it is a challenge for appraisers. Projections for 2021 and 2020 are for increasing values. The percent of increase projected is generally slightly below the levels the market has been experiencing.

All property sectors are showing signs of improvement - by David Kirk

All property sectors are showing signs of improvement. For hospitality, entertainment, travel and retail, operations continue to lag substantially pre-pandemic performance and operations are forecast for extended short to long term uncertainty. Housing and places of employment are still strong and getting stronger as the economy recovers remarkably broadly.

We have stepped over the threshold into summer - by John Drew

We have stepped over the threshold into the official start of summer, and the signs of better weather are accompanied by signs of improvement in our local economy. Many experts seem to agree that as vaccination levels rise, and we begin to leave our masks behind, economic improvement will continue.

Marina Valuations – Methodology and the challenges ahead for the industry - by Marc Nadeau

The valuation of marinas is one of the most challenging appraisals to perform respective of the fact that they often contain a lot of moving parts, so to speak. This article intends to simplify the process by outlining a succinct methodology for both the appraiser and operator alike.

Small business confidence will be contagious - by Valerie Pontiff

There is nothing like a rush of confidence to fuel the spirit. Associated Industries of Massachusetts tracks monthly business confidence, with both March and April clocking in just over 60, a reading consistent with an expansion and positive business conditions.

Real estate futures? Look to the stock market - by Daniel Calano

There are a lot of questions, and many opinions, regarding real estate in a post COVID life. Journalists opine; analysts study statistics; pollsters take samples; developers hire supply demand consultants, and so on. In my opinion, we can all learn something from the stock market.

Trends or transformations: Housing market and the pandemic - by Bill Pastuszek

A year ago, the economy was in a deep shutdown state. The real estate industry was despairing of signs of viability in the retail, offices and lodging sectors and looking at a looming rent payment and eviction crisis