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The new normal and the last hike - by David Kirk

Stewardship of commercial property is basic - fix it, keep it clean, manage and market professionally. With the new normal, some tweaks are more expensive, more creative and more dramatic. Mobility, Wi-Fi and adaptive reuse! As a derivative of the local economy, commercial real estate currently benefits from the demand

Economy on the mend: Hopeful signs abound - by Daniel Calano

Economy on the mend: Hopeful signs abound over the last few months of the fears of a long recession have been replaced by the hope of soft landing in the economy. The Federal Reserve Bank, which has increased interest rates dramatically over the year to curb inflation, has shown signs that there will be a pause

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and appraisers - by Bill Pastuszek

The secondary residential mortgage is a vast enterprise which encompasses many lenders, appraisers, borrowers, and investors. While Fannie Mae (Fannie) and Freddie Mac (Freddy) are not the only secondary market conduits, what they decide to do tend to inform the entire residential mortgage.

Is it time for appraisers to start making downward market condition adjustments? - by Josephine Aberle

You are going to start seeing downward adjustments in appraisal reports for changing market conditions. Although the issues within the commercial real estate, CRE market are well known, it may be a jarring experience to see the adjustment applied to your property.

Real estate development process: A slippery slope, made steeper - by Daniel Calano

A recent March 2023 McKinsey and Company report indicates that real estate developers are pausing, or even canceling, development projects that were otherwise ready to go. In some cases, projects already under construction have been stopped.

Halfway to 2024, but we’re not out of 2023 yet - by Brett Pelletier

There was a time that the city was quiet for July and August…then just August…now, it’s busy all summer long. The financial markets aren’t taking the summer off, that’s for sure. The stock market has been riding the proverbial teeter-totter with good days and bad, reactions and preemptions.

Residential appraisers at a crossroads - William Pastuszek

The Warren Group tells us that in Massachusetts, “the median sale price for both single-family homes and condominiums declined in April as the lack of inventory and elevated interest rates continued to weigh on market activity.” Single family sales declined 25% compared to 23 months ago. “Meanwhile, the median single-family sale price declined on a year-over-year basis for the first time since 2018

Why MLS listings are important to appraisers - Dennis Chanski

When completing an appraisal there are many steps that appraisers must go through, from preparing to complete an inspection all the way through to signing and submitting the report. One of the biggest and most important aspects of completing an appraisal is to identify the best comparable sales to use in developing a credible opinion of value.

The changing reality of the American dream - by David Kirk

Not my headline. However, a good place to start the new story of once upon a time! Over time, the built environment has responded to the physical needs and desires of the community for sustenance and survival. Now those needs and desires are changing, and so are the dreams! The rather remarkable rate of change in retail and, now, office property has significantly impacted the value in use of commercial property.

Spring brings big change - by Bill Pastuszek

The appraisal profession – in particular, residential mortgage appraisal – is undergoing a significant period of change and upheaval. Much of this change is being imposed upon the profession from without. Some wonder if the profession, through its glacial pace of evolvement