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Building and developing for supply chain spillover - by David Kirk

Commercial real estate is a residual and derivative of economic activity. At The Counselors 2018 annual meeting in Charleston, S.C. October 20-24, attendees experienced an extraordinary telling of the dramatic impact of jobs, quantum

Too few residential units in Boston, or too many? - by Daniel Calano

Boston is in one of the biggest building booms in its history. The great recession is now about 10 years in the rear view mirror, and although building started slowly, it has now reached historically high peaks.

The timely demise of the MC 1004: A new era for market analysis? - by Bill Pastuszek

The GSEs (aka Fannie and Freddie) recently announced that the addendum to the Appraisal Report known as Market Conditions Addendum Form 71, also known as the MC 1004, no longer needs to be included.

Your next appraiser may have a familiar name - Brian White

Many articles have been written on the aging of the real estate appraisers and the potential lack of residential and commercial appraisers in the near future. Within the past 18 months, both the Appraisal Institute (AI) and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) prepared research papers

What we need to know about the Appraisal Standards Board - by Steven Spangle

In order to provide transparency and encourage a broad input of ideas the Appraisal Standards Board (ASB) makes no changes to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) without first exposing proposed changes to the public and requesting comments.

Life estates and an approach to valuation - by Marc Nadeau

Inherent in the fee simple ownership of real estate is something that is commonly referred to as the “Bundle of Rights”. The Bundle of Rights is in effect the exclusive right, use and disposition of the property that belong to the property owner.

MA/RI Chapter of Appraisal Institute president’s message for September - by Bud Clarke

The Appraisal Institute recently held its 2018 Appraisal Institute Annual Conference at the Downtown JW Marriott Nashville on Monday July 30, through Wednesday, August 1. The meeting featured world-renowned keynote speakers, nearly 30 breakout sessions

Counselors attend the annual meetings to compare notes - by David Kirk

Markets are persistently positive, with moderate volatility in securities and capital markets registering earnings reports, transactions and bankruptcies, tweets and trade news. August nonfarm payrolls increased by 201,000 jobs, nicely rebounding from 147,000 in July.

Disruptive tech in commercial real estate - by Daniel Calano

A lot has been written about disruptive technology. At its simplest definition, disruptive technology is a completely new approach to a problem or business, typically only available because of a growing digital culture.

Update from the State House for appraisal professionals - by Allan Cohen

I wrote two articles, Column A and Column B, for today’s NEREJ. I tossed Column A. Here is Column B: The state’s 190th legislative session was not kind to the real estate appraisal profession. Mandatory licensing, which is commonplace