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Racial bias and the real estate industry - by Steven Spangle

Racial bias is front and center of the news. Accusations involve all sections of the real estate industry, appraisers, brokers, and lenders. Appraisers have been accused of using inappropriate comparable sales that indicate values below the true market value of a property that is owned by a person of color.

Three approaches to appraisal theory - by Bill Pastuszek

Three Approaches. Appraisal Theory gives real estate appraisers and users of appraiser services three approaches with which to arrive at value opinions. Let’s review the approaches.

Family-owned business disputes - by Roger Durkin

Equity holders of family-managed businesses commonly develop disagreements and strong differences of opinion, which lead to heated clashes. These disputes are not unique to your specific family business, and they are especially common in second- and third-generation family-managed businesses.

Winding down the dog days of summer - by John Drew

As we wind down the dog days of summer, the Appraisal Institute is not in short supply of programs, initiatives, and information that will provide our membership, and others in the appraisal community, more than enough to fill their fall agendas.

Viability of Conceptual Plan - by Marsha Campaniello

As appraisers, we are often asked to complete an appraisal based on a conceptual plan of the subject property. The client may be requesting this appraisal for a multitude of reasons such as for bank financing; for feasibility of the plan in the current market; or to help determine the highest

Inflation worries? … or “not to worry?” - by Daniel Calano

We have all worried about the recent inflationary situation impacting real estate, where commodities like wood and steel have become extremely expensive, to say the least. Some commodities have increased in price by several hundred percent.

For rent: The ecosystem - by David Kirk

Daily rates available. Do not try to run the show. We are always in rehearsal! The built environment is a derivative of the economy and the ecosystem. Subject to factors of supply and demand for the built inventory, operators manage, developers build and adapt

Construction costs spike, but hope is on the way - by Daniel Calano

Have you been reading up on the cost of construction materials through the roof? How could you miss it! For example, two by fours, the bedrock of house construction, has gone from around $3 per 8’ board

The buffet, bathrooms and benches post-COVID-19 - by David Kirk

The buffet has reopened, and we have customers and clients prepared to make choices and check lists. The CBRE investor survey data for multifamily shows robust rebounding appeal and expectations. Because the variety of risks and rewards are plentiful,

We must be gracious to each other, now more than ever - by Sean Sargeant

The system is stressed. The entire system; from listing to closing; is operating above its design capacity and has been for the last 12 months. Driven by residential mortgage interest rates that start in the low 2’s and buyers seeking a flight to safety,