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Residential market: Times are a changing! - by Marc Nadeau

The residential market in New England, and much of the country for that matter has seen the highest level of both activity and increases in prices in decades. The past two years have been somewhat blinding in terms of both pace and market appreciation.

Lower housing costs? Yes, but hard to take advantage - by Daniel Calano

Not again! What? Another inflation story? Fed raising interest rates? This saga is slowly evolving, perhaps to a close, but not at all over. It’s worth keeping up with, since the Fed is dead serious about crushing inflation and is having some real success.

Climate change and compliance - David Kirk

Net Zero Emissions zoning and building codes are proposed in (several) major metropolitan jurisdictions. The implications for infrastructure, the grid and power production, are calculable if not complete. The public private partnership (PPP) for climate change is being expanded

Things that appraisers do right - by Bill Pastuszek

Appraisers have been under some heat in the recent past. And, the heat, if this summer is any predictor, is not likely over. But today we’re going to focus on something more useful – things that appraisers do well.

Workplace culture: Impacts on office use - by Daniel Calano

The discussion of office work vs. hybrid work, is not new, but has been accelerated since the beginning of the pandemic. It has been debated in studies and news, seemingly forever. The difference now is that it is not just talk… hybrid is mandatory

Done deal: Enough reasons to invest, develop and expand - by David Kirk

Not so fast. Inflation, hybridization, recovery, recession, COVID, credit crunch. All works in progress. Evolution, revolution, innovation. The deal has not yet gone down. Both upside and downside risks, that balance, for many, establish a stability with

Summertime: Is the living easy? - by Bill Pastuszek

It’s the middle of the summer. A bit of a drought here in Mass. Some heat in the last couple of weeks but considering that one could have been in Paris in July or Phoenix almost any time, it hasn’t been too bad.

CT real estate taxes – What? Really!? Why?

This isn’t another article complaining of high taxes in CT. They are quite high, fourth in the nation behind New Jersey, Illinois, and New Hampshire. That’s clearly the fault of liberals who want to spend too much, conservatives that don’t want to govern, and our fellow citizens who can’t be bothered to either pay attention or vote. It’s also not because of those things at all.

Housing conundrum: Conflicting policies - by Daniel Calano

How do we make housing more affordable? Simple answer: We can’ least for now. It’s a tough question with complicated answers, in large part because well intentioned policies are working against each other.

Recession and Recovery - by David Kirk

The Counselors of Real Estate will crack the code at the annual meeting in Boston September 11-14. Cheers, Chowder and Change promises a current comment on ground zero. Cash is loaded in a cluster of barrels, all prepared to unload.