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Future of real estate marketing: Are you in control? - by Daniel Calano

They say there is an app for everything. You probably use many of them in your real estate work. You probably know a fair amount about social media, influencers, search engines and other ways to bring real estate to the consumer. But are you on top? Are you in control?

The year reviewed: An eventful year 2019 was, on many fronts - by Bill Pastuszek

An eventful year, 2019 was, on many fronts. On the real estate end of things, it was a pretty much steady as it continues to go this time of year. The biggest surprise was that these markets keep on going, going, going, like that tired old TV Bunny!

Mass. Board of Real Estate Appraisers president’s message - by Michael Nicora

First, I would like to thank the immediate past president John Beauchaine, MRA for his hard work and dedication as president of the Mass. Board of Real Estate Appraisers (MBREA). I have been fortunate during my time on the board of trustees to work with several dedicated presidents, Richard Simmons, Jr., RA, Marcus Johnson, MRA and Susan Mitchell, RA. 

Why hire a commercial real estate appraiser? - by Mark Plourde

So you want to finance commercial real estate and the bank requires an appraisal. Here are a few things you should know about hiring an appraiser. As defined by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), the client is “The party or parties (i.e., individual, group, or entity) who engage an appraiser by

Revision requests on appraisals from clients - by Steven Spangle

A call from a client requesting an appraiser to reconsider something in an appraisal is rarely welcomed. However, it has been happening since appraisal reports began being communicated in a written format.

MA/RI Chapter of Appraisal Institute president’s January message - by George Demopulos

The Massachusetts and Rhode Island Chapter of the Appraisal Institute had a very productive and successful 2019 under the leadership of Gregory Curtis, MAI! A very special thank you to Greg and our executive director, Lianne Andreucci! As always, our chapter continued to provide the best in appraisal education

Sherman begins one-year term as president of the Appraisal Institute

Chicago, IL Jefferson Sherman, MAI, AI-GRS, of Highland Heights, Ohio, began his one-year term as president of the Appraisal Institute on January 1. The Appraisal Institute is one of the nation’s largest professional associations of real estate appraisers

New Year, new laws: CT rings 2020 with five public acts - by Laurie Mentz Nichols

Connecticut rings in the new year with five Public Acts which affect the real estate profession. Following are summaries of the acts; detailed information on all Public Acts can be found on the Connecticut General Assembly website: 

Pick it up: 2020 is the New Next Decade - by David Kirk

Commercial real estate markets will continue to be increasingly competitive and decreasingly liquid as 2020 unfolds. Many traditional measures such as rent, selling prices, vacancy/occupancy rates will slideways, or bounce marginally in both directions.

Jobs boom vs. Housing: Can Boston handle the growth? - by Daniel Calano

Mark Twain once summarized Benjamin Disraeli’s statement that there are “lies, damn lies, and statistics.” In researching the question of whether housing supply can keep up with new job growth, I found myself siding with Twain.