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Pause in the portfolio - period of adjustment is important - by David Kirk

The importance of periods of adjustment cannot be overstated. Everybody has a portfolio, choices to be made. The pause can be as aggressive and critical as the buy or the sell to maintain balance and the frontier. The pause is not

Affordable housing: Is zoning the enemy or the solution? by Daniel Calano

Recently, a local municipality has been considering a vote that would allow affordable housing projects to circumvent key parts of long established zoning. Circumvent is a polite word, since in this particular proposal the planning board, board

You need this license. You need to keep your certifications - by Cohen and Sousa

Around the country, there are 42 appraiser licensing jurisdictions where an appraiser’s license is required for all types of appraisals. Massachusetts mandates a license for federally related transactions but not for all appraisals. Who knew?

Big Data: We must analyze and understand primary data - by Bill Pastuszek

Big data is with us, all around us. We are inundated by surveys, studies, charts and graphs, that allow appraisers to understand – or misunderstand – the characteristics of the varied real estate markets in which appraisers work.

Hot topic for appraisals in 2019 - by Maria Hopkins

Bifurcated (Hybrid) Appraisals are the hot topic for 2019. We are getting requests from every AMC to perform inspections which may be later used to write an appraisal. Usually the fee is so low it wouldn’t cover the time to drive to the property and snap a picture from the road nevermind do a full inspection

Appraising office buildings with densification obsolescence - by Thomas Jensen

As employers continue to squeeze more workers into less office space, appraisers need to take into consideration the various forms of obsolescence created by this new workplace densification.

Licensing board complaints: Do’s and don’ts on day one - by Toby Bright

Receiving a complaint from the Board of Registration of Real Estate Appraisers is a daunting experience, and rightfully so. The licensing board has the ability to assess fines, require additional training, and stop you from practicing in your profession temporarily or permanently,

Appraisal of a property with excess land can be challenging - by Steven Spangle

The appraisal of a property with excess land can be challenging. Excess land is land that is not needed to serve or support the existing use. The highest and best use of the excess land may or may not be the same as the highest and best use of the improved parcel.

NH/VT chapter of Appraisal Institute president’s message - by Robert Concannon

I am honored to serve as your 2019 president of the NH/VT chapter of the Appraisal Institute. I look forward to keeping our chapter fiscally and operationally strong as the appraisal profession moves forward in these vastly changing times. The Appraisal Institute is a global membership association

Pointe Place – Dover’s mixed-use success story - by Brian White

Pointe Place in Dover, N.H. is a vibrant mixed-use community with a combination of new commercial, apartment, residential condominium and assisted living buildings. The Pointe Place development is the brainchild of Dover developer Chad Kageleiry, who as the principal member of Varney Brook Lands LLC