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Appraisers are a popular topic in Congress - by Allan Cohen

Appraisers and real estate appraisers are a popular topic in Congress. I heard this and wondered why. It turns out that our work has deeper layers of oversight that are raising questions. United States House Committee on Financial Services, also referred to as the House Banking Committee, is watching appraisers and reading appraisal reports.

Appraisals in a changing market - by Steven Spangle

Many real estate markets are starting to see prices increasing but at a slower pace and some price ranges are starting to see price drops. When a market is rapidly changing and sales and prices are in flux it can be challenging for appraisers who rely on historic data to support their conclusions.

Is the dream of homeownership out of reach? - by Shauna Hatch

It’s no secret that the demand for single-family homes in the United States is greater than the supply. Not only are fewer people selling their homes, but fewer homes are also being built. The building rate of the previous decade struggled

Appraisal Institute president message: Busy time of year - by John Drew

Fall is historically one of the busiest times of the year for the Appraisal Institute, and our programming calendar is in full swing. In fact, we just held two “firsts” for our newly merged Massachusetts-Rhode Island- Maine Chapter, including a virtual Appraisers Services Showcase

Keeping up with the real estate market - by Maria Hopkins

As I head into my 37th year as a Real Estate Appraiser, it is evident to me that this real estate market continues to be the hottest I’ve ever experienced. I continue to encourage my colleagues to keep up with the market.

Market analysis is a critical part of the appraisal development process - by Bill Pastuszek

Together with highest and best use, market analysis is a critical part of the appraisal development process. The Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal defines market analysis as: “The study of the supply and demand in a specific area for a specific type of property.”

Update on causes of inflation - by Robert Concannon

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, benefiting from a trust fund, or are simply oblivious to day to day life…it seems that almost everything is more expensive in the post COVID-19 world.

Appraisal Institute president message: Mission statement - by John Drew

Well another summer went by too fast, but thanks to dedicated staff and volunteers at both the national and local chapter level the Appraisal Institute is off and running into the fall season. AI National set the stage when the board of directors adopted a strategic plan at their August meeting.

Building costs: fueled by higher demand/supply constraints - by Marc Nadeau

Building costs have been rising since June of 2020, it was almost as if a gun went off at the starting line of a race! Only that the participants in this case included a number of characters and elements, inclusive of new home buyers entering the market that had been sitting on the sidelines

Innovative disruptive real estate financing - by Daniel Calano

You’ve probably heard or used some of the new financial apps or companies that let you buy that computer or TV or car, or maybe even house, without money now but a requirement to pay later. They are called buy now, pay later or BNPL apps.