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Watching and managing debt: We’re paying close attention - by Kirk and Pelletier

First quarter securities market has been resilient, albeit temperamental. The fixed income market has fluctuated if not gyrated with movements in treasuries sending mixed signals. Further, a partial and sporadic inverted yield curve on government securities has been recorded irregularly during the quarte

Appraisal clients and the appraisal report - by Steven Spangle

An appraiser has an obligation under the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP) to prepare an appraisal report that is not misleading and which contains sufficient information to enable the client and any intended users of the appraisal to understand the report properly.

Factors to consider for life science building conversions - by Thomas Jensen

As the global biotech industry continues to mature and grow, the levels of demand for lab space in metros like Boston have far out-stripped the available supply for some time now. This is true especially in key life science clusters like Kendall Sq. in Cambridge.

Company of the Month: Zaxia provides solution for lenders struggling to excel in demanding lending environment

Cambridge, MA After the financial recession/crisis of 2008, the landscape for commercial lenders changed very dramatically. First, the compliance environment changed quite significantly.

Cycle strategies: What to do for the short and longer-term - by David Levy

In my early March article entitled, “Navigating Real Estate Cycles – Are We in a 7th Inning Stretch?” I indicated that the two most influential and potentially disruptive forces to this current market cycle were U.S. trade tensions and Fed actions.

Crowd sourcing: Can it influence real estate? - by Daniel Calano

Do you know what an “influencer” is? In short, it’s a person or a bunch of people who have an opinion that influences other people, whether the opinion is correct, well informed, or even slightly on point.

Goal for 2019: Engage with local colleges and universities - by Greg Curtis

One of the goals in 2019 for the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Chapter of the Appraisal Institute is to engage with local colleges and universities to introduce students to a career in real estate appraisal. To that end, the chapter through its Hewitt Scholarship Fund,

Growth of apartments in the Hartford Business District - by Elliott Pollack

Many of us have been impressed by the growth of apartments in the Hartford Central Business District and in its suburbs - including those aligned with the expanded New Haven to Springfield railroad capacity.

AI professional development programs available - by Jacqueline Beauchaine

To further help appraisers hone their skills; the Appraisal Institute offers professional development programs to real estate appraisers on cutting-edge, problematic, or advanced level topics. Topics for professional development programs cover a body of knowledge in a specialty allowing

USPAP reporting options: bridge too far? - by Bill Pastuszek

Bill Pastuszek, MAI, ASA, MRA, heads Shepherd Associates, Newton, Mass. ...