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What do appraisal clients want? Part 1

What do appraisal clients need in appraisals? Their needs are two-fold; service and quality. This month, I’ll explore client expectations about service. 

Demographic shifts and the impact on real estate values - by Marc Nadeau

Real Estate Value Changes as a result of a shifting landscape of population Seemingly, most of us have recovered from what I like to call...

Summer musings, possible misgivings: A few seasonal observations and questions - by Bill Pastuszek

Coming out of a nicely timed July 4th holiday, and one that was much needed according to my informal survey, we move right into the heat of the summer. A few seasonal observations and questions.

Cyclical patterns and impact on policies in global trade - by David Kirk

Current economic commentary includes the forecast of impending cyclical patterns and the impact on the domestic economy of protectionist policies in global trade.

Whitehouse, Fugate educate real estate appraisal industry - by Laura Dwyer

Laura Dwyer, public educator and information coordinator at RI Coastal Resources Management Council, Wakefield, R.I. ...

The law of appraisal: A common definite objective - by Roger Durkin

Appraisers and appraisal organizations must unify with a common definite objective to reform and reduce the growing quagmire of the appraisal regulatory system?

President’s message: Volunteers of distinction - by Karen Friel

David Cary, Jr, MAI was recently named a Volunteer of Distinction for Region IV of the Appraisal Institute. Cary’s service to the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Chapter has been ongoing for more than two decades.

Why outsourcing environmental risk management makes cents for lenders - by Derek Ezovski

Derek Ezovski is president at ORMS, West Hartford, Conn. ...

How headline news impacts real estate on a national and global level - Counselors of Real Estate forecasts major disruptors

Boston, MA From state and local budget impasses and halted infrastructure repairs to the debate and delay on health care reform, political p...

Rehab vs. teardown: No perfect answer to the age old question - by Daniel Calano

Back in the day, our company had a specialization in rehabilitation and reuse of older structures. We liked this, as many have before us, because we were starting out and the barriers to entry were lower for rehab than large full scale development.