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Get the shovels out. Let’s get moving. - by David Kirk

Climate and Pandemic Ready Infrastructure. Cultural Community Compliance and BUILD BACK BETTER. Much ado about everything. Avoid confusion. Pork and puff. Power and punch. From Wi-Fi to healthcare, and everything in between, it’s all connected and so are we.

Continuing to work tirelessly to bring its members info - by John Drew

The days may be growing short, but the Appraisal Institute’s MA-RI-ME Chapter team of valuation professionals and staff continue to work tirelessly to bring its members an unrivaled array of in-person and virtual classes, seminars, and networking opportunities.

Appraising golf courses - by John Nitz

In the movie Caddyshack, when Rodney Dangerfield considered buying Bushwood Country Club, he had one thought in mind . . . to build condominiums. Similar to appraising commercial properties, it is necessary to consider the motivations of buyers and sellers

Public Schools must deliver better value - by Valerie Pontiff

With declining enrollment and surging costs, our expensive public schools need to better deliver value to the region, and especially the students. Commercial property owners and their real estate tax paying tenants are lifting heavily. In Boston, real estate taxes comprise nearly 75%

Real estate supply chain: Issues update - by Daniel Calano

Last month I wrote about supply chain issues and impact on real estate. Th story deserves an update, since it looks like a long time before it gets resolved. In real estate development, everything is linked together. Raw materials, labor, manufacturing, transportation and storage.

2021 New England Appraisers Expo - by Steve Sousa

We were moving full steam ahead for a return to the Four Points Hotel for the 2021 New England Appraisers Expo when the surge in COVID’s delta variant threw us a curve-ball.

Aggregations, algorithms, AI and judgment - by David Kirk

Judgement continues to be the discerning characteristic in commercial property investment and development. And in the analysis supporting underwriting and appraising commercial property. Not necessarily in defiance of the ubiquitous data and traditional methodologies

The appraiser profession - by Bill Pastuszek

Valuation is a most interesting profession. Those who practice valuation find appraisal - the process consisting of “part art, part science” - a wonderful challenge in the study of human economic and social behavior.

The appraisal gap - by Albert Franke

The appraisal gap. We’ve been hearing a lot about this lately. What is it? The appraisal gap is the difference between a property’s appraised value and its contracted sale price. The term is commonly used when the appraised

Real estate supply chain: Panoply of related issues - by Daniel Calano

The phrase “supply chain” is not called “chain” for nothing. With regard to real estate development, everything is chained together. Raw materials, labor, energy, manufacturing, transportation and storage, even global politics are all linked.