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White joins White Appraisal - is a New Hampshire apprentice appraiser

Dover, NH According to White Appraisal, Zachary White has joined the commercial real estate appraisal company. White has completed several a...

Babson College collaborates with the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Chapter of the Appraisal Institute - by Karen Friel

The appraisal profession has definitely had its ups and downs. Most recently, the number of appraisers nationwide has declined from 121,000 in 2007 to 96,600 in 2017 nationwide. The age demographics are even harsher. Look around at any appraisal function and try to spot the Millennials.

Technology rules the appraisal roost. Trying to get appraisal process streamline - by Bill Pastuszek

Technology rules the appraisal roost. Everyone is trying to get the appraisal process streamline. Even appraisers are putting away their IBM selectrics and desktops in search of more efficiency and better solutions.

Case Study: Partial interest valuation of real estate - by Marc Nadeau

Partial Interest Valuation is a technique used by appraisers and other valuation professionals to estimate the value of a fractional interes...

FED action and tax reform might be considered tailwinds - by David Kirk

Commercial real estate continues to benefit from moderate economic fundamentals and well -priced risk. Nevertheless, the favorable conditions and outlook are unevenly spread over related capital and property markets.

Interest rate increases: not dampening residential demand - by Daniel Calano

Daniel Calano, CRE, is the managing partner and principal of Prospectus, LLC, Cambridge, Mass.  ...

MBREA is a class act! And also very busy. - by Allan Cohen

MBREA is a class act! And also very busy. The organization combines appraisal education with service to the appraisal profession. Far beyond the classroom, MBREA represents appraisers on Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill.

The protection of personal property under the USPAP - by Steven Spangle

Hiring someone to complete an appraisal of jewelry or antiques (personal property), the value of a business (business valuation), or of real estate (real property) can be challenging. When ordering a real property appraisal lenders have the advantage the real estate appraisers

Appraisers should recognize the assessor market - by Richard Conti

Throughout New England in every city and town there is a well-trained assessor who, on occasion, could use the services of an appraiser and typically has the budget to pay them. This typically occurs when a taxpayer files an appeal to the assessor’s valuation.

Computer Assisted Valuation Tools included in USPAP - by Marshall Hamilton

Marshall Hamilton is the marketing manager at DataMaster, Layton, Utah. ...