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Appraisers should unite to rid the profession of Fannie Mae - by Roger Durkin

Roger Durkin, JD, MS, FASFA is an attorney and appraiser with Durkin Law PC, Boston, Mass. 1. State of Alaska, et al. v. Kim Wold, Alaska...

Snapshot of market conditions in Washington County, VT - by Charles Guy Andrews

With the third quarter of 2017 closing, here is a snapshot of market conditions in various sub-markets within the Washington County Vermont single unit real estate market.

Your E&O insurance might cost less and provide more coverage - by John Torvi

Do insurance premiums ever go down? And still provide more coverage? The answer could be yes to both. But first, we can take a look at what drives the cost of any insurance policy.

Top 10 reasons to attend the New England Appraisers Expo - by Karen Friel

Karen Friel, MAI, MRA, is the 2017 president of the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Chapter of the Appraisal Institute and principal at Friel...

Appraisals and broker price opinions…here we go again - by Albert Franke

Connecticut has had mandatory appraiser licensing for many years, meaning that one must be licensed or certified to render an opinion of value, for any purpose. The exceptions to this law are limited.

Are we at the top of the market? I don’t know. - by Shaun Fitzgerald

Are we at the top of the market? I don’t know. I can’t predict the future and it’s not my job to do so. But. I’ll have to admit, I am asking that question frequently.

Landscape of the healthcare and life sciences industry - by Corey Gustafson

The Boston metropolitan area has strong roots in the education and health services sector and has become one of the most transformative regions for healthcare and life sciences in both the United States, and globally.

Market conditions: Room to run and time to deal! - by David Kirk

The Las Vegas tragedy and the destruction and disruption from the unprecedented series of natural disasters have given everyone reasons to pause. What lessons can be learned and how can we best recover and respond?

New housing product: Good for boomers and millennials? - by Daniel Calano

A lot has been said about the amount of new housing being constructed in the greater Boston metropolitan area. In Boston alone, almost 14 million s/f are under construction and 40 million more are in the planning and permitting stages.

Unintended consequences of regulations for appraisals - by Maria Hopkins

Maria Hopkins, SRA, RA, is president of Maria Hopkins Associates, Spencer, Mass. ...