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Appraisers should recognize the assessor market - by Richard Conti

Throughout New England in every city and town there is a well-trained assessor who, on occasion, could use the services of an appraiser and typically has the budget to pay them. This typically occurs when a taxpayer files an appeal to the assessor’s valuation.

Computer Assisted Valuation Tools included in USPAP - by Marshall Hamilton

Marshall Hamilton is the marketing manager at DataMaster, Layton, Utah. ...

There is no one definition of what “green” means - by Sean Sargeant

What is “green.” Sometimes we act like it has a definition we’ve all agreed on. We often bid against requests for proposal that identify the subject as a green property only to find out, after the award, that the building has a little extra insulation and a heat recovery ventilator.

2017 New England Appraisers Expo Schedule

Commercial Program • Opening General Session • 8:30 a.m. to 9:20 a.m. - Victor Calanog, Ph.D, CRE - chief economist & se...

Two of the many issues facing the appraisal profession - by Marcus Johnson

The appraisal profession has been changing over the last ten years as the economy, real estate market, demographics and laws have changed. Residential appraisers, especially, contend with more requirements, client requests and an increasing amount of work required for each appraisal.

New practice areas for appraisers: On the edge. - by Bill Pastuszek

Appraisers are like old football players; they are running hard to keep up with ever-faster players. With the arrival of truly BIG DATA, and the seeming movement towards alternative valuations, it seems like the appraisal industry is in a bit of a free fall.

Appraising development sites: With and without entitlements - by Thomas Jensen

Appraisers are often asked to estimate the value of urban parcels under two scenarios: As is and subject to the owner obtaining specific development entitlements. However, larger development sites tend to have a limited number of recent comparable transactions available for review.

Appraisers should unite to rid the profession of Fannie Mae - by Roger Durkin

Roger Durkin, JD, MS, FASFA is an attorney and appraiser with Durkin Law PC, Boston, Mass. 1. State of Alaska, et al. v. Kim Wold, Alaska...

Snapshot of market conditions in Washington County, VT - by Charles Guy Andrews

With the third quarter of 2017 closing, here is a snapshot of market conditions in various sub-markets within the Washington County Vermont single unit real estate market.

Your E&O insurance might cost less and provide more coverage - by John Torvi

Do insurance premiums ever go down? And still provide more coverage? The answer could be yes to both. But first, we can take a look at what drives the cost of any insurance policy.