Your team enhances the probability that your project is brought in on time and within budget - by Mike Kehoe

Third, due diligence proves that the property is suitable for your development project. Move on to permitting. Your team is crucial to organize and implement this phase of the project. Each community has different protocols and procedures.

The restaurant broker can structure a deal that is a win-win for both the seller and the buyer - by Dennis Serpone

Much like the stock market, for every seller of stock in a company there’s a buyer. The seller makes a calculated decision that his stock is either a loser or, if it’s profitable, it can’t possibly go any higher. The buyer on the other hand sees that same stock

Trends in urban building development: parking, bike storage and mail/package delivery - by David O'Sullivan

What is the trend in architecture today? There are many answers to that question and each is dependent on what aspect of the building industry you focus on as a professional. It is also dependent on who you talk to about those trends. 

Mass. industrial market is on fire, in the best possible way, and we do not see an end to it - by David Skinner

It’s not a surprise to anybody – pricing for industrial real estate has reached historic highs, even peaking the previously historic highs in 2007 by over 15%.

Good news for investors who will continue to pick up great real estate deals: Cash is still king! - by Maria Hopkins

The spring market has arrived. We are hearing from many real estate professionals that there is a lack of inventory for their buyers. In many areas there are lines of people waiting to look at every house with multiple offers over asking. Pent up demand

Predictions regarding the overall insurance environment - by Spencer Macalaster

As we enter the second quarter of 2018, our clients are asking us for our predictions regarding the overall insurance environment. For the last 9 plus years the insurance marketplace has seen significant inflows of capital, combined with reasonable loss

Sadly, the moral is always the same: you don’t have to cheat to pay less - by Paul Dion

The lights of Broadway have long shone bright as the show business capital of the United States. (Hollywood may have the movies, but it’s just not the same. And Vegas? puh-leaze.) New York theaters attract millions of visitors and billions of dollars

The importance of fair market rent when renting an investment property to a family member - by Lynne Bagby

Sometimes New England investment property owners rent property to a family member or would like to purchase an investment property in a 1031 exchange transaction to rent to a family member. In some situations, these investors have collected either

Mill space in Manchester continues to be one of our hottest market segments - by Mike Harrington

One of the truisms of real estate is “they’re not making any more land” while another one is “they’re not making any more mills”, either. Thus, mill space in Manchester, New Hampshire continues to be one of our hottest market segments. Over the past 30

The CRE property management industry is better than it has been in years - by Chris Mellen

As we enter the 9th year of the up cycle we continue to enjoy a real estate market unlike any we’ve experienced before.