Even with low vacancy and lack of supply we do not anticipate industrial spec building in our market - by George Paskalis

The Rhode Island industrial market has enjoyed robust activity and demand in 2017. Initially, most of the demand for industrial space came from the marijuana cultivation sector. Activity from this sector of the market has waned. Much of the industrial space between 10,000 s/f and 20,000 s/f was absorbed,

Q. Why are restaurants changing hands? A. Find staff B. Retain staff C. Competition D. All the above - by Dennis Serpone

Much like the stock market, for every seller of stock in a company there’s a buyer. The seller makes a calculated decision that his stock is either a loser or, if it’s profitable, it can’t possibly go any higher.  The buyer on the other hand sees that same stock as undervalued and definitely worth buying because he’s calculated that it ‘absolutely’ is going to continue to go up.

The Rhode Island real estate market has been very active both on a local and national level - by Thomas Sweeney

Winter is coming! Temperatures are dropping, Lardaro’s Current Conditions Index beat its year-earlier value for the seventh consecutive time this year and cranes are active in the sky, all seems well in the Ocean State. The real estate market has been very active both on a local and national scale

A summary of the basics of the Massachusetts mechanic’s lien statute (M.G.L. c. 254) - by Kirk McCormick

A mechanic’s lien is a powerful tool in the hands of a claimant seeking payment for services or materials on a construction project. Essentially, a perfected mechanic’s lien – one that complies with all statutory requirements for enforcement –

Survival of the fittest: How retail strip centers are adapting to change - by Bryan Wright

New Hampshire has seen its fair share of ups and downs in the retail real estate world over the years. Overall, 2017 has been a fairly strong year for retail real estate in the state. We have seen some significant sales, a plethora of leases, continued growth in retail development, and some interesting trends.

The current insurance marketplace continues to be favorable for the insurance buyer - by Spencer Macalaster

The current insurance marketplace, with the exception of health insurance, continues to be favorable for the insurance buyer. The industry has abundant surplus and has experienced reasonably decent results. Most businesses will be able to negotiate flat rates and some businesses may even see rate reductions.

The long and short of it: The tax code offers 70,000 pages of green lights to pay less tax legitimately - by Paul Dion

Consumer surveys consistently show that CPAs are the most trusted financial advisors of all. But what happens in the rare instance when you can not trust your CPA? Nothing good, that’s for sure!

Real estate management market is strong both on multifamily and office/retail side - by Christopher Mellen

As of mid-year 2017, our recovery from the Great Recession will be eight years old. Although, to many across the various industries, it doesn’t feel as strong of a recovery as it has been. To us, though, in the commercial real estate business it is hard to relate to a recent year end article in Fortune magazine that stated

Reverse 1031 exchanges: Purchasing a replacement property - by Lynne Bagby

In New England’s fast-paced real estate market, finding suitable replacement property in a 1031 exchange can be very challenging. A reverse exchange is a variation of a parking arrangement transaction which provides an option for investors to take advantage of the current real estate market by acquiring desirable replacement property before closing on the sale of their relinquished property, deferring capital gains taxes.

Colby College: Creating a Waterville downtown area conducive to work and play through development - by Tim Millett

In 2017, Colby has a $710.7 million endowment, a $200 million, 350,000 s/f athletic facility  under construction, and employs over 900 people. The campus is eloquently perched on Mayflower Hill and in 2016, 11,190 students from all over the world applied for 500 highly-desired spots to spend their freshman year at Colby.